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Welcome to Markopolo's Ad Account Audit Tool, your secret weapon for dominating the advertising game! 💪

Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just dipping your toes into the world of ads, our tool is here to simplify your journey and boost your ROI 🚀

Why choose Markopolo's
Ad Account Audit Tool?

AI powered insights

Let AI supercharge your campaigns for maximum performance.

Automated audits

Say goodbye to manual auditing, we've got
it covered.

Comprehensive reports

Dive deep into data with our detailed reports.

User friendly interface

No advertising expertise required.

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Connect your ad accounts

Link your Facebook ad accounts.

Step 2

Instant audit

Our AI dives into your campaigns
and identifies opportunities.

Step 3

Actionable insights

Get clear recommendations to
improve your ad game.

Step 4

Track progress

Monitor changes and watch
your ROI soar.

Grab your early access to Markopolo's Ad Account Audit Tool and take your advertising to new heights ☝️


Got Questions? All of them answered

What exactly does the Ad Account Audit Tool do?

The Ad Account Audit Tool provides a comprehensive analysis of your Facebook ad account's health and performance. It suggests improvements and optimizations for various aspects of your campaigns, including pixel connection, event triggers, campaign naming, ad formats, and even auto-optimization.

Does the tool automatically make changes to my ad account?

No, it doesn't. The Ad Account Audit Tool offers valuable suggestions and recommendations based on its analysis. You have the freedom to decide whether to implement these suggestions, giving you full control over your advertising strategy.

Is it compatible with both Facebook and Google Ads accounts?

Currently, our tool is optimized for Facebook ad accounts. We're continuously working on expanding our capabilities to include Google Ads in the future.

Is this tool suitable for beginners with limited advertising experience?

Absolutely! The Ad Account Audit Tool is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It provides actionable insights and suggestions in a way that even those new to advertising can understand and apply.

Join Us on for the big launch! 🎉

Grab your early access to Markopolo's Ad Account Audit Tool and take your advertising to new heights.


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