How easy it is to create ad campaigns in multiple channels with few clicks.

“How easy it is to create ad campaigns in multiple channels with few clicks.”

author imageAnisul Islam Bhuiyan

I’m a digital marketer and always had a passion for brands. At my last workplace, I was engaged with many clients’ as usual and had deadlines to worry about. Clients always want priorities, and I try to treat my clients with the same importance. I wondered if I had some tool or software to help me manage my clients, then my workflow would be a lot better, and I can deliver the same quality of work to them

This is where the timing of Markopolo couldn’t have been better. When they approached me with their product, honestly, I was very skeptical about it. I knew about tools that you can cross-post on multiple channels and generate reports, but a whole hub where you can create multiple AI-optimized ad campaigns and get deep insights has been new for me.

I asked myself how easy it is to create ad campaigns in multiple channels with a few clicks. Just with a few inputs and clicks, I’m getting to create ads through multiple channels that usually take an hour of a brief from clients. Not only that, I’m getting to generate AI-given captions and copies for my ads too. This was the cream of the crop for me. The hassle of nudging my copywriters constantly for a valid copy for my brand is a hassle and time-consuming. Now I can control copies and captions and select what I feel relevant for my brand myself.

Finally, when everything gets approved from me, I’m getting my ads optimized with AI, and so far, the results I have seen have been very satisfactory. It is like the digital marketer’s best friend that no one knew about. My clients can get their reports first hand, and it saves me a lot of time from manual targeting and giving briefs, which were very time-consuming. I’m very hopeful of and the possible features to come along with it in the near future.