Revealbot vs.

What Revealbot offers that doesn’t?

author imageRamen F. is a cross-channel advertising platform that automates your digital marketing needs with AI-assisted content & campaign planning, creative content generation powered by GPT-3, and smart ad optimization for your ads. We believe in simplicity, which is the most advanced solution out there to ensure your business’s profitability and growth by delivering the most effective Facebook, Google & Instagram Ads.

At, we ensure 24/7 ad optimization on behalf of you, taking away the hassle of manual intervention. Markopolo maintains your brand’s presence by catering to the best strategies fit for your brand through advertising on Omni-channels at one go. We will be adding more and more features with a single vision of simplifying digital advertising for everyone.

Why can you use Revealbot?

Revealbot has a manual automation builder, which is its main distinguishing feature. Marketers use it to create different scenarios of campaigns. The scenarios need to be thought out by the marketers, including the automation and rules they will use. There are some pre-built automation templates, but to build effective ones, the user needs to have a clear understanding of the entire ad management process of Facebook, Google & Snapchat.

Why would you use

Markopolo tests out complex scenarios of campaigns on behalf of you and optimizes the campaign 24/7 to ensure minimal intervention. Our advanced AI engine tests out numerous automation and rules before applying those in your campaign. We do countless split & A/B testing in the backend to achieve campaign objectives dictated by you. Hundreds of companies choose Markopolo to empower their marketing team with an AI marketing assistant that takes real-time decisions, accelerates customer-focused growth, and delivers compelling ads to the right audience. No more long-drawn-out meetings to plan your campaign. Markopolo will generate a whole advertising campaign plan for your brand in seconds. With the integrated capabilities of GPT-3, users can create powerful campaigns and experience an end-to-end digital advertising solution.

Revealbot Pricing Pricing
Starts at $99/mo
  • Up to $10,000/mo in monthly ad
  • 14-day free trial
  • Unlimited ad accounts and users
Starts at Free
  • Free 300 App credits to use
  • No trials
  • Unlimited ad accounts and users
  • Up to $25,000 in ad spend
  • Unlimited ad accounts and users
  • 750 App credits to use
  • Up to $10,000 Ad spend
  • Advanced ad strategies
  • Up to $50,000 in ad spend
  • Unlimited ad accounts and users
  • 1,500 App credits to use
  • Up to $50,000 Ad spend
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Custom Brand Guideline.
  • Brand positioning audit.
  • One custom sales funnel set up by a sales specialist.

More reasons to consider as an alternative to Revealbot

Campaign strategies

Markopolo will create optimized content plan strategies for your brand based on the duration and inputs you provide. Whatever duration you choose for your ad, Markopolo will make the best optimal strategy for your company based on thousands of accurate industry graph data. As a result, you will get a clear view of what and when is getting posed where.

We generate content for you will generate copies & visuals for your ads. Based on your description of your company Markopolo will decide the best visual copies suited for your brand. You can even edit the contents yourself.

Order a designer

You can order a designer if you like a more manual approach. Our designers are working 24/7 to ensure the best designs for your ad creatives. Even if any visual isn’t to your liking, you can give feedback or use your ad credits to order a fresh new design through the “Order a designer” route.

All ads in one place

Markopolo currently offers advertisements for Facebook, Google & Instagram. Markopolo will soon introduce other platforms in the future with more excellent features.

Ad optimization

Markopolo takes the hassle of targeting your ads. Instead, it’s designed to make sure your ads perform well and maximizes output with little input. As a result, your ads will be adequately optimized across your chosen platform.