Complete ad management
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Superb features bundled with amazing services to streamline your marketing

Tier 1

Get the first taste of Markopolo Enterprise Solution, time to empower your marketing team


Has every features that you need for your paid marketing
  1. Markopolo web-app setup and configuration by our team
  2. MarkTag Website Integration Support
    MarkTag Google Analytics(GA4) Integration
    Up to 1 Million Event Track/Month thorugh MarkTag
    Run and manage up to 25 Ad automation rules
  3. Dedicated Account Manager
  4. Audience Creation and mapping (10 Audiences)
  5. Omnichannel Campaign Creation (10 campaigns per month)
    Acquisition funnel creation (3 Funnel)
    Up to 20 Users
    Up to 20 Brands
    Standard Reporting Setup
    Bi-weekly Follow Up Call
    Dedicated Slack/Discord Channe

Tier 2

It's time for more flexibility and added limits in your plan, it comes with added analytics too


Has every features that you need for your paid marketing
  1. Everything at Tier 1
    Priority Feature request
  2. Up to 2.5 Million Event Track/Month through MarkTag
    Run and manage up to 50 Ad automation rules
    Audience Creation and mapping (25 Audiences)
  3. Omnichannel Campaign Creation (25 campaigns per month)
    Complete Ad funnel setup including Ad Landing Page (10 Funnels)
    100 Users
    100 Brands
    Extensive Competitive Media Buying Landscape Research - Bi-weekly report
    Weekly Follow Up Calls

Tier 3

Get on the call to see how globally large enterprises are using Markopolo to get industry leading metrics


Has every features that you need for your paid marketing
  1. Everything at Tier 2
    Up to 5 Million Event Track/Month through MarkTag
    Run and manage up to 100 Ad automation rules
    Audience Creation and mapping (75 Audiences)
    200 Users
    200 Brands
    Complete Ad funnel setup including Ad Landing Page (25 Funnels)
    Omnichannel Campaign Creation (75 campaigns per month)

Tier 4

One Word: Exclusive

Markopolo will be your second team


Has every features that you need for your paid marketing
  • Every element can be customized, and white labeled

The best marketing solution for scaling your business!

Empower your online marketing with the power of
automation, data and community.

Complete Workspace for Brands

From campaign creation to reporting, have everything organized in each brand’s separate space. View and edit integrations like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Shopify and more!

Powerful Data Collection with MarkTag

A server-side pixel to ensure first-party audience data collection. Never lose valuable data for ad targeting.

Complete Campaign Manager

Create cross-platform campaigns within minutes. Easy setup and amazing monitoring whenever you need.

Audience Maker for Advanced Targeting

Create custom audience or select from the list of advanced presets, Markopolo will ensure the most efficient targeting for you!

Auto Optimization to Maximize Returns

24/7 Automatic optimization to get the best ROI. Option to set automation rules so you have the maximum control!

Comprehensive Dashboard for Precise Reporting

Monitor any and all metrics you need to keep an eye on. Create custom metrics for easy in-depth reporting.

Enjoy the Best Optimization

Be sure about flawless optimization of your campaigns to deliver the best results. No manual intervention needed for high performing campaigns!
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Automate Your Ad Campaigns

Your cross-platform campaign management just got easier with AI powered automation in each step. Generate ad creatives, schedule & publish ads across all platforms with ease!
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Recapture Your Lost Audience

MarkTag gives you the opportunity to tackle cookie loss and retarget your audience perfectly. Enhanced data will enable you to reach a higher number of potential customers for direct lift in revenue.
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Deploy in 10 minutes

Best-in-class features
Created by a team of design enthusiasts
Loved by over 35,000 customers
Best-in-class features
Created by a team of design enthusiasts
Loved by over 35,000 customers
Best-in-class features
Created by a team of design enthusiasts
Loved by over 35,000 customers

Yes, we know you have questions.

Take a look at the frequently asked questions!
Does Markopolo handles the ad payment on behalf of me?
Your Credit Card which will be charged for Ad spending needs to be connected with your Ad manager if it’s not then please do that before running campaigns.
Do you have a Public Roadmap that you're following?
What are the benefits for a Small/Medium Size Business?
✅ Integrates with Facebook, Instagram, Google Search and Display Ads.
✅ Use Markopolo’s AI Audience Pre-sets to get highest return on your Ad spending.
✅ Ad Maker that comes with Unlimited AI Generated Copy and Creatives
✅ Let Markopolo optimise the accounts and set up the best route for you to achieve the highest return possible from the same ad budget!
✅ Built in Campaign Manager for scheduling and managing all the ads from one place.
✅ Suggestion Engine that guides like a professional marketer.
✅ Markopolo’s advanced combined dashboard makes it super easy to manage multiple ad managers!
✅ GDPR Compliant
What are the benefits for an Agency?
⚡ Markopolo automates your ad management routine so you can focus on reaching results, faster.
⏰ Agencies like you, who have limit on serving capacity because of number of human resources, can easily automate every nitty gritty of managing a brand’s marketing campaign, so that same account manager can serve 10x brands!
🚀 We have designed Markopolo in a way, so that you can manage each of your client accounts as a Brand. Connect the Social and PPC ad manager accounts to each of these brands. Also, each brand can have own asset library, where you can upload your creative assets to reuse them later within Markopolo.
🎯 Set a Goal to track campaign performance, and generate shareable reports for your clients. As clients have a fixed budget and ask for certain KPIs, these will help you to track performance against as campaigns run.
🧩📊We know how important unified dashboards with all the data from connected platforms are for you, we will be adding more and more features in our Analytics 2.0 dashboard (in upcoming releases), so that you don’t have to switch between 10’s of Ad Managers to get a shareable report for your clients.
📌 Invite your team mates to your account and let them use Markopolo to serve all the clients you want! No Limit!📌
🏆 Your campaigns will benefit immensely with implementation of Markopolo and you’ll see an average of 10X increase in productivity as well.
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Trusted by Businesses in 80+ Countries

See what they have to say about Markopolo!
"Very happy to be an early adopter."
I've spend over two decades working in and around the digital advertising space. I've tested a lot of tech and have largely been disappointed with anything that has attempted to span multi-platform targeting and trafficking. I've been using Markopolo for a while know and, thus far, I'm incredibly impressed. If they keep up the good work they will undoubtedly be a leader in this space. Very happy to be an early adopter.
Operations and marketing executive
"It's a great tool in simplifying Ads."
I've been using Markopolo for a few weeks now and they have one of the best support team! They reply in a quick manner. I can even schedule calls with them. Rubaiyat and the team are very patient with me too.The feature I like the most is it's ability to target users in a specific location. I live in a country where Facebbook doesn't segment users to a specific loation, but one country as a whole. And this feature is a game changer.Markopolo, as of now, doesn't have the feature for me to upload creatives based on placement. However this is in the roadmap and I'm looking forward to this feature.Overall, great team and the app has a huge potential! Tier 1 is great for small business doing their ads in-house. Tier 3 is great for agencies. I highly recommend this.
Verified Purchaser, AppSumo
"Great for marketers"
It allows you to manage your meta and Google ads from one place, and its support with artificial intelligence gives you performance.And my favorite thing is it saves the trouble of switching between accounts. Easy switching between brandsManage your meta and Google ads in one placeYou can activate huge audiences for remarketing with one click.The tracking and reporting screen is very practical.
Can P.
Performance Marketer,
Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)
"Love the platform!"
Love the platform! Making my life much easier and have better control over my advertising! Ai, a logical dashboard and flow. Marko-polo! Marko-polo!
Senior Advisor, Innovation Norway
"Automatically reach the right audience with AI-generated social content."
Overall, Markopolo gives me a step-by-step guide to help me create an ad, target the right audience, and make the monitoring campaign. The interface is straightforward to use, and it's plain to see the results of the campaigns. The tool also helps me find the best-performing audience segments and target the right people with my posts. If you are an agency, you can manage an unlimited number of clients, and each client can be managed with each brand.
Phuong N.
Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)
This product is a fantastic addition to my growing list of app summo tools. I even got help with setting up my google ads! I would recommend this to newbies and experts. Especially the AI writer within the product. This will save my so much time. I'm still getting things set up but so far the experiance has been great !
Plus Member, AppSumo
"Simple and powerful tool for efficient ads"
Fresh app with AI to help you build most efficient ads for facebook&instagram and google. Great feature is banner creation directly in the app and also keyword scraping from competition websites.
Martin K.
"A simplified platform to run ads on FB"
Markopolo is an easy intuitive platform that simplifies the process of making ads on FB not only for agencies but also for my clients. The platform makes it easy to switch between the different ad accounts. The team is dedicated and they are constantly adding new features to the platform. We are super happy with this purchase.
Kejdis B.
Pastor at Eagles church,
Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)
"Easy to use, effective to manage"
I have been looking for a solution to upskill my ad expertise (zero for now). Various other platforms I have seem to provide excellent solution, yet it is too complicated to me so many of them are in the shelf now.Markopolo managed to settle this issue by giving me a very well-thought, understandable step by step guidance to help me create ad, target the right audience and create the campaign for monitoring. I have a very comfortable feeling in using Markopolo - it is easy to use, easy to manage in an effective manner. Got to also say, the limits offered by Markopolo are simply amazing.Sometimes it is not necessary to have too sophisticated tool - a it-just-work tool is what I need for my case - and it is Markopolo.
Verified Purchaser and Plus Member, AppSumo
"Packs a lot of punch, great tool to complement your team."
Markopolo AI is intuitive for those who do not have a solid background in pay per click advertising on social media. If you're a small business owner, this would be great to have as a tool.
Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

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