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Utilize our automation feature to save time and get better results without heavy investment.
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How does automation help your campaigns?

Ad Automation

Get into the depth of your campaigns based on their performances

With Markopolo, automate how your campaigns work using ad rules. Create your own rules and take better control of your campaigns!
Ad Rules

Creating rules with nowhere to begin is a daunting task

Want fast results without putting in much effort? Have a look at our preset rules and find out which one fits your goals the best.
Modes and Scopes

The pre-existing rules in your current platform may not fit your campaigns well

Markopolo offers you more versatility with multiple modes and scopes while setting ad rules for your campaigns. Use our numerous modes to set your rules however you wish!

“Markopolo streamlined lengthy tasks and automated the whole digital marketing process. Saving 6.32 hours on average per campaign, my employees are now able to invest their time in more valuable tasks.”

Adam Lau
VP of Marketing, Adplay

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