Optimize your campaigns to get the highest ROI

"Markopolo's optimization engine works with multiple streams of data points to increase the Return of Investment for each individual ad campaign of a user. The autonomous optimization engine makes decisions on behalf of the user such as changing the bid, pausing the ad, or optimizing the audience. "
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What if you could do things native ad managers won’t let you?

Pause underperforming ads. Rotate and test ad creatives Scale your best-performing ad sets. Budget optimization across multi-channel campaigns.

Automate Your Optimization

"Short on time and spending your days and nights analyzing endless streams data? Let us do the heavy lifting for you! Use Automatic Optimization and let us optimize your ad campaigns while you sleep. We have designed a set of rules which examines all the ads within your campaign by CPA-pausing the under-performing ads and allocating budget to the best ads within the campaign that works for every industry."

Conversion is the lifeline of your business, and we’ll ensure it

Start of with providing some basic business information to the AI, give it access to your website, and that’s all from you. Mark will optimise your campaigns for conversion 24/7 on behalf of you.

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- Run omni channel campaigns in Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, TikTok (Upcoming) and Klaviyo (Upcoming)

- Use Mark Tag to recapture lost audience due to cookie loss, direct lift in Revenue

- Perform optimizations to increase sales while lowering costs

- Automate daily actions to focus on strategy

- Suggestion Engine that guides like a professional marketer

- Get a holistic overview of all the metrics from all the campaigns in one dashboard

- Ad Maker that comes with AI Generated Copy and Creatives

- Targeting AI generates custom Audience presets

- GDPR Compliant

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