Reach the right people with accurate audience data

Till date we have analyzed more than 800 million unique Advertising IDs from 200 markets. Demography and mobile behavior are used to categorize the data.
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Use audience insights from 200 markets and 1000 predefined segments

Our data includes more than 1,000 predefined categories and covers 200 markets with a globally standardized classification. Web users' demographic data, interests, and purchasing intents are used to correctly categorize profiles. Our AI algorithm can determine which categories are most likely to convert from your paid adverts.

The accuracy of our audience data overtook Nielsen DAR benchmarks levels of up to 50%

You'll need reliable data to reach your target audience accurately. Our data is always up to date, and the quality of our categories is certified by Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, an independent market standard. The interests and intentions of users change over time. As a result, our cookies have a 30-day lifespan. We don't keep old files, so when you choose one of our categories, you can be sure that their interests and purchasing intentions are current. As a result, you'll spend your money effectively.

Advanced brand intelligence helps you to target your store customers accurately.

Customers who are frequently exposed to a specific brand, such as Coca-Cola, BMW, or Apple, can be reached using our unique brand taxonomy. It has millions of profiles who, for example, read an article, visited a product website, or watched a video of a specific brand. Automotive, Electronics, and Financial Services are examples of some segmented categories.

Targeting the right people drives 17X more conversion.

Every penny that you spend on your marketing matters. Wasting it on the wrong audience means throwing your money in the drain!
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