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By setting more ambitious goals, move out of the “siloed” thinking of seeing social media and PPC advertising as separate initiatives. Rather create a “big picture” vision for your business, from there an “omni-channel” strategy is set up with the right focus in view.
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Choose from hundreds of metric and set up a goal for each month for the metrics that matter to your business. All set, now get a 24/7 updated view of your goals.

Create Custom Metrics

You can create custom metrics at Markopolo, use those to track your campaigns more intently. Personalize your goals according to your need!

Share Reports with your team

Share with a link, it's that easy with Markopolo. Now you don't have to give access to your account to others; just share the metrics you want to share with anyone you want.

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- Run omni channel campaigns in Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, TikTok (Upcoming) and Klaviyo (Upcoming)

- Use Mark Tag to recapture lost audience due to cookie loss, direct lift in Revenue

- Perform optimizations to increase sales while lowering costs

- Automate daily actions to focus on strategy

- Suggestion Engine that guides like a professional marketer

- Get a holistic overview of all the metrics from all the campaigns in one dashboard

- Ad Maker that comes with AI Generated Copy and Creatives

- Targeting AI generates custom Audience presets

- GDPR Compliant

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