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How does Markopolo offer better targeting?

Audience Maker

Defining the audience from scratch within a close deadline is scary!

Our preset audience will make your work easier than before. Choose from our presets and launch your campaign within a few clicks.
AI Suggested Keywords

Manual keyword research seems like a huge hassle

Based on your product and campaign details, our tool will suggest AI keywords so you can target your audience better based on their interests and get 27% accurate audience reach.
Campaign Maker

Jumping from one platform to another to launch ads feels exhausting

Get all of your work done using one tool! With Markopolo, you can simultaneously run campaigns and target audiences across Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, and many more.

"My company substantially benefited by using Markopolo. We utilized their preset audience to the fullest, attaining a 34% increase in conversion. A game changer for anyone struggling with capturing their target market on social media."

Jack Rees
Co-founder, Elixir Digital

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