Markopolo vs Trapica: The Marketing Automation Tool You Should Choose

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Asif Mahmud
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If you’re reading this article, you should already be aware of the impact of marketing automation in the current world. For those who are not, here’s a stat for you:

75% (or 3 out of 4) of all companies already use at least one type of marketing automation tool. And this data was taken from a survey from 2019; just think about what it is now!

Marketing automation is taking over the entire world of digital marketing. And if you don’t follow suit, your competitors may outrun you.

So, let’s say we’ve convinced you that marketing automation is the way forward. There’s still a crucial question: what tool should you use?

And it will be unwise to come up with an answer before knowing the specific needs and goals of your business and your marketing campaigns. 

However, we’ll try to make choosing easier for you through yet another comparison between two fantastic marketing automation tools: Markopolo and Trapica.

Marketing Automation with Trapica: Use AI Data to Tap into Incredible Potential

AI is Trapica’s selling point as they use it to generate insights into different aspects of potential customers. Trapica is fast, smooth, and efficient, and its use of AI helps businesses exceptionally well.

Another great feature of Trapica is its ability to integrate many platforms, as they can work with Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram, etc. 

So, if you want to automate ads and perform cross-channel optimization with Trapica, you can utilize all these platforms.

Marketing Automation with Markopolo: The All-in-one Marketing Solution

Markpolo’s positioning is straightforward: intuitive, affordable, and efficient.

Markopolo allows you to step into the endless potential of marketing automation. It makes the whole marketing automation journey incredibly easier for you. 

Furthermore, it saves you an incredible amount of time, and considering the range of features, Markopolo is also highly cost-effective.

On this platform, you can create ads, launch multiple campaigns, operate various brands, find the perfect audience, do retargeting, etc. – almost anything you’re looking for in a marketing automation tool.

To summarize, Markopolo is the ultimate marketing solution, as you’ll find everything you’re looking for (and most likely more) regarding marketing automation.

Markopolo vs. Trapica: Who Provides the Best Features?

Trapica and Markopolo have one element they both provide: the use of AI. Beyond that, both have diverse sets of features to offer.

Let’s look at the features from Markopolo and Trapica that you can use.

The Features Markopolo Offers

With Markopolo, you can manage multiple brands, create audience presets, schedule campaigns, optimize your budgets, and almost every feature you can think of regarding marketing automation. 

You can choose from four plans: Professional, Team, Business, and Enterprise. With the Professional plan being the cheapest of the four, there are restrictions on certain features.

However, as you go forward with other plans, you get access to more premium features. Markopolo also offers a free trial, with which you can quickly get a taste of what the tool provides.

  • Automatic content generation with AI
  • Ad interest, keyword, and campaign improvement suggestions
  • High-performing audience creation mode
  • Advanced monitoring, including customized goals and metrics
  • Automation rule setting
  • Added security for your data and accounts
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Team member addition with specific access level
Features: Trapica

Trapica is compatible with the most popular and lucrative ad networks, as we’ve mentioned before. 

AI comes in handy to detect and evaluate real-time conversions, make ad changes, and find the perfect audience within and across the ad platforms.

Some of the standout features that Trapica offers are:

  • One marketing suite
  • Ad automation and optimization
  • Ad account protection
  • Bilbi for small businesses
  • Audience discovery and marketing intelligence
  • Trapica suggest
  • Performance monitoring

Markopolo vs. Trapica: Which is More Cost Effective?

Whether a tool is cost-effective depends significantly on your goals and expectations. Markopolo and Trapica offer different features; thus, the pricing is expected to differ.

Pricing: Markopolo

Markopolo has different plans where you can buy features according to your business needs — resulting in the price varying. 

Here’s a list of the plans and prices that Markopolo offers:

  • Professional: $23/month ($19/month if you’re billed annually)
  • Team: $99/month ($83/month if you’re billed annually)
  • Business: $199/month ($166/month if you’re billed annually)
  • Enterprise: Customized Quote based on demand.
Pricing: Trapica

Trapica offers three plans: Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. However, it has no set pricing for any of them.

Instead, you’ll be quoted a price for each of them through meetings. You can customize the price according to your business's goals, expectations, level, and scale. There’s also a free trial.

However, Trapica does state that it’s highly efficient as it doesn’t need more than 4% of your marketing budget. 

This percentage will vary from business to business.

The Verdict

Markopolo and Trapica – both are incredible marketing automation tools. The best one for you to choose? Well, it will certainly depend on your specific goals and budget as well. Since Trapica doesn’t have a set pricing, we can’t really give a verdict which one will be more effective for you. However, if you want one tool to take care of most of your marketing activities that can be automated, Markopolo is the tool for you due to its amazing range of features.

We hope this article helped solve your dilemma. Rooting for your business to succeed! Best of luck!

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