Markopolo vs. Adline: Choose the Best Fit for Your Business

Markopolo vs. Adline: Choose the Best Fit for Your Business

As the day goes by, digital marketing gets even more complicated, and more channels pop up that we could use to promote our brands.

This increasing number of channels we can use to advertise can overwhelm our marketing team with only a few members. To make it easier, we can leverage marketing automation software.

Marketing automation is crucial as it can help automate monotonous marketing tasks and helps streamline your marketing team’s workflow.

This should give them more bandwidth to do other marketing initiatives. However, choosing marketing automation software can be tricky.

In this article, we’ll help you distinguish between two leading marketing automation software right now: Adline and Markopolo.

We’ll outline the big picture of what they offer and the features you can use to enhance your marketing tasks.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Marketing Automation with Adline: Take Your Retargeting Efforts to Heights

With simple advertising and analytics, you can save time and boost ROI with Adline. Adline made advertising quite simple, and you don’t need to overpay to get the results.

Say goodbye to manual work because Adline is here to provide an easy and quick advertising center for you.

Marketing Automation with Markopolo: The Ultimate Marketing Automation Solution

We structured Markopolo so that you wouldn't need to know much about ad serving and optimization.

From prebuilt audiences in the audience maker to Campaign running, Markopolo will help you handle all the major heavy-lifting tasks that a performance marketer would have done for you.

Need more info about what Markopolo can help you with? Scroll down below to find out more!

Range of Supported Integrations with other platforms

Markopolo currently supports Facebook, Instagram, Google (Search, Display, Performance Max, Dynamic Display, Google Shopping), and YouTube.

Further down the line, you’ll be able to run Linkedin, Tiktok, Microsoft Bing, and Web and Mobile App Native Advertising.

Autonomous Optimization Engine

Markopolo's optimization engine works with multiple streams of data points to increase the Return on Investment of each ad campaign of a user.

It makes decisive decisions like changing the bid, pausing the ad, and optimizing the audience on behalf of the user.

Nucleus Suggestion Engine

‍Markopolo’s Nucleus Suggestion Engine works along with the Autonomous optimization engine and suggests actionable steps to the user on running campaigns.

Ad Rule Automation

This feature helps the users manage their campaigns, ad sets, and ads with a set of rules that would apply to those automatically in a scheduled interval.

The user can choose from multiple pre-built strategies that would help increase the marketing efforts' overall efficiency (Budget and ROAS).

‍Brand Structure

There is also a workspace structure where you can use individual workspaces for your client's accounts.

You can connect all the ad platform accounts with each brand and start using Markopolo focused on that brand's specifications.

AI-Generated Copy Feature

Markopolo's AI copy feature generates copies in 32 languages based on your brand’s/product's description. This feature makes it easy for an organization to work faster and wiser.

Markopolo vs. Adline: Who Has the Best Features to Offer?

These tools have outstanding features that can help your marketing efforts immensely. However, Adline focuses more on ads and running campaigns, whereas with Markopolo, you get a holistic experience.

Let’s take a look at the features they offer.

Features: Markopolo

There are different types of features that Markopolo offers, and it is separated into four plans that you can choose from:

  • Professional
  • Team
  • Business
  • Enterprise

With the professional plan, you get to manage just a single brand and also face some restrictions regarding the other features.

If you want to get the complete picture, the other plans have some fantastic features, including:

  • Multiple brand management
  • Automatic AI-generated content
  • Ad interest and keyword Suggestions
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising integration
  • Campaign scheduling and budget optimization
  • Advanced conversion tracking
  • Added security for your data and accounts
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Team member addition

Features: Adline

Advertisement with Adline is quite simple. Within a few minutes, promote your goods and services. Expand your business online with success with the help of Adline.

In terms of the other features that Adline offers, some of them are:

  • Quick and easy advertising center, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads in one
  • Easy ad creator
  • Intuitive campaign builder
  • Profitable automatic optimization
  • Easy-to-read, analytics dashboard
  • Simplified conversion tracking

Markopolo vs. Adline: The Better Financial Option

Markopolo and Adline have different sets of features and focuses. So, it’s understandable why Markopolo and Adline would have different types of pricing. Let’s look at where their pricing stands to get a clearer picture.

Pricing: Markopolo

Markopolo offers very reasonable pricing for its diverse set of plans. As the prices increase, so does the number of features. And with the enterprise plan, you can customize your needs and charge accordingly.

  • Basic: $59/month ($47/month if you’re billed annually)
  • Premium: $190/month ($152/month if you’re billed annually)
  • Enterprise: Get a quote by setting a meeting

Pricing: Adline

Adline offers marketing solutions with three plans:

  • Starter ($59/month) with limited features
  • Growth ($149/month) with all Starter plan features, a two-user limit, plus many more
  • Premium ($390/month) with every Growth plan features, unlimited users, a dedicated customer success team, and so much more.

The Verdict

As you can see, there’s no outright winner ever for marketing automation tools because it depends so much on what goals you have.

So, if you’re looking to focus on retargeting, then Adline is the way to go.

However, if you need an all-in-one solution, a tool that’ll take care of every marketing operation that you can automate, Markopolo is the way to go.

We hope you find the perfect marketing automation tool for your business. All the best!

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