Markopolo vs. Adline

26 August 2022

We structured Markopolo, in a way, so that, you wouldn't need to have that much knowledge about ad serving and optimization. The major heavy lifting tasks that a performance marketer would have done for you is handled by Markopolo.

From prebuilt audiences in the audience maker, to simple for Campaign running, and then the software taking charge of your optimization is how your experience with Markopolo would shape to be.

So what makes Markopolo different from Adline? 

Range of Supported Integrations with other Platforms:

Markopolo currently supports Facebook, Instagram, Google (Search, Display, Performance Max, Dynamic Display, Google Shopping) and YouTube. More to come are Linkedin, Tiktok, Microsoft Bing, Web and Mobile App Native Advertising.

Autonomous Optimization Engine:

Markopolo's optimization engine works with multiple streams of data points to increase the Return of Investment of each individual ad campaigns of an user. It makes decisive decisions like changing the bid, pausing the ad, optimizing the audience on behalf of the user.

Nucleus Suggestion Engine:

Markopolo’s Nucleus Suggestion Engine works along with the Autonomous optimization engine, and suggests the user actionable steps on basis of the running campaigns.

Ad Rule Automation:

We released our Ad rule automation feature this week. This would help the users manage their campaigns, adsets and ads with set of rules that would applied to those automatically in a scheduled interval. The user can opt from multiple pre-built strategies, that would help with increasing overall efficiency (Budget and ROAS) of the marketing efforts.

Brand Structure

We have created a workspace structure where individual workspace can be used for each of your clients accounts. With each brand you can connect all the ad platform accounts and start using Markopolo focused to that brand's specifications.

AI Generated Copy Feature: 

Markopolo has an AI copy feature that generates copies in 32 languages based on your brand’s/product's description. Makes it easy for an organization to work faster and smarter. 

These are just some of the comparisons we have for you! To know more about how Markopolo is the only Automated Paid Marketing tool for you, take a look at the comparison table!

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