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Why you should choose AdEspresso


What i likes best is the Campaign optimisation and split testing available.These two are the main factors as to why we chose adespresso. Gone are the days of using Business Manager to create ad after ad inside of a campaign to ensure you have multiple ads that you can test.Adespresso is simple, you can ad up to 50 ads in your ad set, simply ad a headline, text, images or call to actions when creating the campagin and Adespresso will automatically create all the ad sets for you. Further to this, when split testing, you will be able to optimise your campaign when enough data is available. The one thing we dislike is the reporting system. When the reports are generated, you can ad such great information to inform clients of all aspects of their campaigns, but some ads cannot be synced if you have used Ads Manager, meaning the ads wont appear in adespresso and you cannot generate a report on

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Why you should choose Markopolo


A great tool to get a birds eye view of all your ad spend on FB& Google. While signing up, I discovered that the tool has the great feature for reaching out to your exact buyer profile which can actually cut down your Ad Spend. It collects some detailed info which helps Markopolo to design the perfect base campaign. As a small agency owner, Markopolo is really helpful & the future looks promising too. Nothing to dislike but I'd like to have integrations with Pabbly + Zapier but it's already on the roadmap so I'm looking forward for it. Rest, all looks pretty crisp. Running an agency, I had to juggle between Facebook/Instagram/Google/Youtube ads dashboard depending on the client but with MarkoPolo, now everything is centralized & structured which has saved me a ton of time & on top of that, centralized insights help me in saving ad spend as well by anywhere between 20 to 25% which in my opinion ends up paying for the software itself.

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