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Use the 15 days trial, run ads on Meta, Google (Search, Display, PMax, Shopping), TikTok, and LinkedIn - Let Markopolo optimize, see the results, then decide.
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Transform your agency with precise data mapping, empowering your campaigns to deliver truly amazing results.


Amplify sales with targeted insights, bypass ad delivery challenges, and unleash the power of cross-channel advertising.


Propel scalable growth through advanced marketing automation, optimizing budget, and leveraging dynamic creatives and trends.

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Without Markopolo

Unfocused ad spend, leading to wasted budget.

Lack of visibility in ad performance and impact.

Time-consuming manual ad control and limited personalization.

Inefficient campaigns with lower ROI.

Complex interfaces and difficulty setting up campaigns.

Incomplete first-party data due to device/browser blocking.

With Markopolo

Precision targeting that enhances your reach and impact, maximizing every dollar spent.

All-in-one insightful performance metrics and impact visualization.

Effortless automation, with rule-based controls, limitless personalization, and pre-set rules for quick action.

AI-enhanced ad optimization to boost performance, and allocating budget smartly.

Easy preset audience setup for swift campaign launches and omnichannel targeting for extensive reach.

Cookieless data collection using server-side Pixel, overcoming device and browser limitations.


Targeting without precision
can be costly

Enhance your reach and impact with focused targeting and maximize your spending.
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Simplify and optimize targeting with Preset Audiences

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40% increase in accuracy with A/B Testing

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Expand reach and influence using Omnichannel capabilities


Unoptimized campaigns
lead to waste

Boost your ROI and improve ad efficiency with Nucleus:Your AI-enhanced ad optimization solution
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Save up to 25% in ad spend with smart budget allocation

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Auto Optimization for boosting performance

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AI-Based Suggestions for campaign improvement


Keeping tabs on marketing
attribution can be quite challenging

Unlock robust data collection and advanced attribution for targeted marketing strategies.
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100% lost audience recaptured

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Server-side Pixel for collecting first-party data

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Overcome device and browser blocking


Say goodbye to all of your
hassles with automation rules

Transform your operations with Markopolo’s advanced automation solutions.
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Up to 35% higher ROI with Rule-based automation

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Limitless personalization for inch-perfect solution

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Wide range of preset rules for fast action


Build your performance marketing stack

Integrate with all the platforms to build your MarTech stack- and run your business with just a couple of clicks!
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In ad spend


Increase in


Decrease in
cost per click


Accuracy in
audience reach

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Real businesses, Real results

Increased ROAS by 522% from Meta Ads after using the Markopolo Enterprise Solution!

- Loppoticha increased its ROAS by 522%

- Decreasing CPC costs by a staggering 50%.

- Astonishing 0 ROAS to a final ROAS of 5.22x

Read the full case study

Data Connectors Achieves 300% More Link Clicks with Markopolo.ai!

- Received nearly 300 registrations per event

- Clickthrough rate in their Facebook ad    campaigns increased to approximately 3%.

- Campaigns started receiving approximately    300% more link clicks monthly

Read the full case study

Helping Noore create perfect and eye-catching content for their social media channels.

- Increase in reach by 184%

- Gaining +1519 new followers in 120 days

- 73% increase in engagement

Read the full case study
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