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A Marketing Automation tool that can enhance your marketing team's efficiency.

At the same time, the software has direct impact on company's sales growth, with its patented performance enhancer in Digital Marketing. Companies who have used Markopolo, have seen an average increase of 20-35% in growth within three quarters.

Markopolo.ai | Your AI Marketing Assistant

All your advertising needs, within $99 only.

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Let an AI handle all your Search+Social advertising concerns.

Start a 15-day free trial. Use first to believe.

Easily create and test hundreds of Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads in minutes. Increase conversions by let Markopolo handle creative, content, placement, timing, and targeted audiences.

Key Capabilities

Campaign Planning

Pre-built tactics and core strategies converted into a full-fledged content calendar.

Automate Ads

Automate your ads that are designed to give you proper conversions.

Generate Creatives

Designed to generate stunning creatives for your campaigns.

Smart Copywriting

Generate smart captions and copywriting with an AI that is powered by GPT-3.

Actionable Insights

View the converting audience that gives you the best actionable insights for your brand.

Anisul Islam Bhuiyan
What I Love About Markopolo is

How easy it is to create ad campaigns in multiple channels with few clicks

Anisul Islam Bhuiyan

Advertising Professional

Ex-Media Analyst(Team Lead),

Ad Operations and Analytics, Magnito Digital

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