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Welcome to Markopolo Analytics: Your Data, Your Decisions, Your Success. Understand Your Who, What, When, and How by leveraging analytics to make better business decisions and drive profitability at scale.
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Craft your perfect dashboard

Tailor your view

Shape your dashboard to your unique vision.

Widget wizardry

Choose from a treasure trove of widgets for a
customized experience.
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Time travel

Analyze your data across different time frames.

Insights unleashed

Dive deeper by effortlessly comparing metrics
with past performance.

Unlock deeper understanding

Spot trends

Easily compare metrics with previous periods
for trend-spotting.

Visualize change

See data shifts at a glance for informed

Empower your strategy

Gain profound insights into your performance.

Attribution-based Reporting

360° Customer Insight:

Dive into the complete customer journey, gaining unprecedented insights into user interactions. See the story unfold from the first click to the triumphant conversion point.

Laser-Sharp ROAS Metrics:

Precision meets performance! Accurately calculate your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and unlock the metrics that truly matter. Supercharge your decision-making with data that transforms your marketing strategy.

Confidence in Optimization:

Armed with comprehensive insights and accurate ROAS, make data-driven decisions that elevate your marketing efforts. Optimize with confidence, knowing you have the game-changing Last Click Attribution Report guiding your success.

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Build widgets effortlessly,
no coding required.

Metric fusion

Blend multiple metrics into one
widget for enriched insights.

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Create widgets with simple
drag-and-drop functionality.

Jumpstart with templates.
Share brilliance

Effortless sharing

Share dynamic dashboards directly with
clients and stakeholders.

Collaboration made simple

Collaborate seamlessly for a shared success story.

Versatility unleashed

Embrace the General template for diverse needs or
the E-Commerce template, for online businesses.

Seamless Integrations 🕹️

All-in-One Hub

Connect effortlessly with top platforms.

Meet Your Ecosystem

Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, Shopify,
Google Analytics, Amazon Ads, MarkTag, and more.

“Markopolo streamlined lengthy tasks and automated the whole digital marketing process.

Saving 6.32 hours on average per campaign, my employees are now able to invest their time in more valuable tasks.”

Adam Lau
VP of Marketing, Adplay

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