Release Notes

The latest product news and updates from Markopolo.

Release Notes

Version 10.0.1

Updated Home Page

Homepage has been revamped with a new look making it easier to use with a detailed to-do list along with video tutorials.

Duplicate Audience of Facebook/Instagram

Audiences can now be duplicated rather than starting from scratch for quick changes. The duplicate option can be found inside the ‘three dots’ beside each audience.

Redesigned Onboarding

The whole onboarding flow has been given a fresh look with better user experience and visuals.

Updated Caption, Headline, Description option for Facebook and Instagram Ads

The caption, headline and description option has been updated and now multiple texts can be added, edited and deleted as per need.

Referral Flow

Referral flow has been added. Users can now invite people and get lifetime subscription once the invitation is accepted.

Brand Creation Redesigned

Brand creation flow has been updated making it easier to use. Components have been divided into tabs for less cognitive load and better understanding. User can now add the business industry and business description.

For Facebook, the user can connect their business manager, ad manager and page.For Instagram, the user can connect their page.For Google, the user can connect their ad manager.

Pixel, Google Ads Tag, Google Tag Manager connection restructured

User can now choose a pixel or google ads tag by clicking on ‘Choose pixel/ads tag’.The use can also edit it by clicking on the ‘three dots’ and then ‘Change ad tag’.

Custom Campaign Creation Flow

The user experience has been changed for the campaign creation process. The user will now be given a singular form flow.

Normal, Audience A/B Testing, Creative A/B Testing functionality added

A/B Testing functionality has been added. Users will now get to choose between three types of campaign which are Normal Campaign, Creative A/B Testing Campaign and Audience A/B Testing Campaign.

Custom Pixel Event Addition

Campaigns with conversion objective will get an option to add custom pixel event addition. If the pixel is not connected, the user will be given an option to connect it.

No End Date Support

In Google Campaigns, the user will be given the option to select No End Date for the campaign to run until stopped.

Ad Account Currency Fetched and Supported

The ad account currency is now automatically fetched and displayed in the ‘Campaign Daily Budget’ inside the Campaign Settings while creating a campaign.

Multiple Adset Based Structure

In the campaign creation flow, the users can now ad multiple ad sets inside a single campaign.

Google Ads Keywords Section shifted to Campaign Creation Flow

The Google Ads Keywords Section can now be found inside campaign creation flow. The functionalities remain same.

Call to Action in Facebook/Instagram Ads shifted to Campaign Flow

The CTA button selection option for Facebook/Instagram Ads has been shifted to the campaign creation flow. While choosing an ad inside the campaign creation flow, a pop-up will appear , where the use can choose the CTA.

New Campaign Dashboard, with performance benchmarks at Adset and Ads level

The campaign dashboard has been redesigned. Previously saved campaigns now can be found by clicking on the ‘Saved Campaigns’ button at the top.

The Adset and the Ads level now shows various performance benchmarks which can be sorted as needed. The Adset level can now be dynamically expanded to get a view of all the ads inside it.

New Revised Packages with Add ons

All the packages has now been revised with change in pricing and inclusion of features. The billing can be done yearly or monthly.

Google conversion goals added

In Google Campaigns, while choosing a goal, the user can now add conversion goals. This is optional. If account is linked, the user can select conversion goals from the user’s google ads account. If not, the user will be asked to create one with a help link of Google.

Page post promotion

In Facebook Campaigns, the user can now import page posts from Facebook. The option can be found while choosing ads in a separate tab.

Add or remove keywords, negative keywords from existing google campaigns

In Google Campaigns, the keywords and the negative keywords can be added or removed from the Ad Groups level inside each existing campaign. There will be two separate tabs for keywords and negative keywords.

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