Get rid of unwanted troubles while trying to capture the audience

Markopolo’s proprietary technology, Marktag is here to save your day.
(From Product Hunt, G2 and Capterra reviews)


20-30% more revenue is lost due to browsers blocking information

Markopolo’s unique feature, Marktag is here to save your day. An all-in-one Pixel, that can recapture lost audience, in both Android and ios devices.

Event Builder & Setup

If you're still using 1st generation Facebook Pixel/Google Ads Tag - you're losing 40-55% of your audience data.

Marktag can capture every event, & get back every lost audience from all channels. It will pass data directly to Facebook/Google in microseconds.

Recapture audience

Client side tracking decreases page speed including additional issues with security

Marktag gives you a better insight into customers without all the drawbacks of client-side tracking. Promote your brand across recaptured audience with our tool, without any trouble.

“We were an Amazon focused ad agency, as we wanted to serve platforms like Meta, Google and TikTok to our clients, we added Markopolo in the mix!

The support team is spot on, and it took 5 minutes to set up and test MarkTag! It’s been an amazing fit to our journey!”

Headshot of Jeremy Hamilton, CEO, Ignitabull
Jeremy Hamilton
CEO, Ignitabull

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