Meet Xavier

Talk directly with your marketing data using AI.

Stop wasting time trying to figure out spreadsheets. It's time to ask your marketing questions and get answers out of it with just a click.

What's Xavier?

Xavier is the AI cheat code to your marketing data—it turns piles of your spreadsheets into actionable insights with just a snap. Just ask your dataset any question in plain English, and it will answer.

It's simple.

Integrate, Ask & Grow.

Ask direct questions and get instant insights on how your business is doing.


Plug in your datasets.

It's easy; put your data inside Xavier. It will use intelligent AI, Vector DB integration and cutting-edge algorithms to give a mouth and a brain to your marketing data.


Chat with your data.

Question your marketing data using an interactive chat interface. Receive insights from Xavier in the form of charts, graphs, or simple analytic answers.


Steal access to powerful insights & numbers.

Generate tailored reports for events, campaign insights, and much more. Use instant statistics and suggestions to cut time wastage and drive sales faster and smarter.

Steal Access To Xavier Before Anyone Else!

We're inviting a limited number of users to test Xavier before it goes live. Apply now for a chance to be one of the few to gain early access.

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