Put campaign growth
on autopilot

Our robust audit, automation and optimization engine can help you adjust bids, pause ads, optimize for performance to scale, with logic.
(From Product Hunt, G2 and Capterra reviews)

Assess your ad managers
with Account Audit

Elevate quality and efficiency with proven optimization

AI powered insights

Let AI supercharge your campaigns for maximum performance.

Campaign enhancement

Fine-tune your advertising campaigns for peak performance.

Performance insights

Receive expert suggestions aligned with industry best practices.

Targeted excellence

Ensure your ad campaigns hit the mark for maximum impact.


Scale with logic, not intuition

Markopolo offers proper assistance to get maximum results from your spending.

Trying to improve campaign performance looks like a deadly task

Nucleus is your very own AI assistant to help you get maximum return from your spending. With AI in the game, stay ahead of your competitors by getting 20% more in ad spend returns.

It’s hard to constantly monitor and make changes in campaigns

Autonomous optimization makes the best decision on behalf of you and you can attain 30% more efficiency in budget spending. Our tool makes changes in bid amounts, audience, ad duration, etc. to the user’s best interest.


Less Effort, More Returns

Utilize our automation feature to save time and get better results without heavy investment.

In depth automation

Let AI supercharge your campaigns for maximum performance.

Preset adrules

Say goodbye to manual auditing, we've got
it covered.

Multiple modes and scopes

Markopolo offers you more versatility with multiple modes and scopes while setting ad rules for your campaigns. Use our numerous modes to set your rules however you wish!

"Transformed my business! Using Markopolo skyrocketed my revenue like never before.

With their expert optimization techniques, I witnessed a 46% increase in conversions, making it an invaluable asset for my success."

Sameh Mansour
CEO, Laurier Optical

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