Optimize Your Mobile App's Success

MarkTag Mobile App Tracker is your gateway to a data-driven approach for maximizing the potential of your mobile application. Gain invaluable insights into user behavior, refine your marketing strategies, and elevate your app's performance with our robust first-party data tracker and analytics system

Build confidence in your budget allocation strategy by gaining clarity on where and how your funds are being distributed.

Real-Time Conversion Reporting

Navigating the complexities of fragmented data in today's landscape is challenging. We simplify the process by consolidating cost data from all ad networks and linking it to revenue streams, ensuring you have a comprehensive, precise, and actionable view of your genuine Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

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Stop Renting Your Data from Ad Platforms

Empower your business by directly managing and leveraging customer data, stepping away from third-party dependencies. Whether your data flows from in-app ads, purchases, subscriptions, or a hybrid business model, we've got you covered with real-time data and an optimized view for maximum efficiency in managing your advertising streams.

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Site-Wide Data Layer to Track User Journey

Don't drown in data complexity. Our SDK ensures data freshness, while delivers meticulous data refinements, ensuring accuracy right from day zero. Our ROI measurement suite delivers consolidated net ROAS data, real-time insights, and in-depth user journey analysis through detailed reports, ensuring you can make swift, impactful decisions that drive success.

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Key features

Advanced User Session Tracking

Elevate your understanding of user interactions with enhanced session tracking capabilities. Integration of attribution models for a detailed day-by-day analysis of user sessions and touchpoints.

Demographic Insights

Check in on diverse user groups and collect valuable demographic details for highly targeted marketing efforts. Refine your strategies by understanding the demographics that engage most effectively with your content.

Journey Mapping

Gain comprehensive insights into your user's journey, from their initial click to eventual conversion. Tailor your marketing strategies based on a nuanced understanding of how users progress through your platform.

Event Tracking for Personalization

Keep a vigilant eye on user interactions and events within your application. Ensure a personalized and optimized user experience by leveraging real-time data on user engagement.