February 3, 2024

Customer Journey, Refreshed Budget Auto Optimization, Powerfull Audit Scroring

We are thrilled to introduce the latest release from Markopolo, featuring significant enhancements that cater to the growing needs of our users. This update focuses on providing a comprehensive view of your customer journey, a refreshed budget auto optimization feature and offers a powerful Audit Scoring system for your ad accounts.

Budget Auto Optimization

Markopolo's Nucleus Auto Optimization has undergone a significant upgrade, introducing advanced features to enhance your campaign management experience:

  1. AI Optimization:
    • Seamless toggle between "Cross Platform" and "Single Platform" views.
    • Bid-based optimization for platforms like Facebook and Google in Single Platform mode.
    • Holistic budget-based strategies for Cross-platform optimization.
  2. Data Analysis and Visualization:
    • Comprehensive 24/7 Cross-Platform Spends Analysis with detailed budget distribution.
  3. Action Recommendations:
    • Generate precise action recommendations with timestamps.
    • Clear basis and specific dollar amount changes for executed actions.
  4. Execution and Tracking:
    • Execute actions directly within the system.
    • Transparent tracking with before and after values.
    • Clear status indications for each action.
  5. Action Impact Analysis:
    • Analyze multiple metrics with change rates.
    • AI Action Summary for historical changes and savings amounts.

Customer Journey Report:

Timeline Analysis:

Now, you can delve into the heart of your customer journey with our Timeline Analysis feature. Visualize the breakdown of total revenue across customizable timelines. This functionality enables you to track the performance of different sources and channels, offering valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

Attribution Levels:

Explore your customer journey at various attribution levels. Gain a deep understanding of revenues, sales, and channel breakdowns within each level. This granular approach empowers you to optimize your strategies based on detailed insights, ultimately enhancing your overall customer engagement.

Audit Scoring & Report:

Category Scoring:

Markopolo's ad account audit feature has undergone a transformative upgrade with the introduction of the Audit Scoring system. Each audit category is now assigned a numerical score, providing detailed insights into specific areas for improvement. This feature empowers you with a clearer understanding of your ad profile's strengths and weaknesses.

Total Score Calculation:

The Audit Scoring system calculates a weighted sum of individual category scores, presenting a total audit score as a percentage. This holistic evaluation reflects your ad profile's overall health, allowing you to gauge your performance at a glance and prioritize areas that require attention.

Daily Audit Report Email:

Stay informed effortlessly with our new Daily Audit Report Email feature. Receive a daily summary directly to your inbox, showcasing your total audit score and individual category results. This streamlined approach keeps you in the loop, making it easier to track your progress and make informed decisions for continual improvement.

At Markopolo, our commitment is to provide you with tools that empower your decision-making and drive success. We believe that these enhancements will elevate your experience and contribute to the continued growth of your endeavors.

Thank you for choosing Markopolo. We look forward to your continued success with our platform.