10 Martech Startups to look out for in Turkey

Farhan Mehbub
5 mins


The marketing technology sector is experiencing rapid growth, with new entrants arriving into the market every day. This article will focus on the ten most promising Turkish Martech or Adtech companies of 2023.

Social media campaigns, smart copywriting, and effective ROAS are just a few examples of how these new companies are changing the digital ad industry. These businesses, both old and new, are expanding the limits of what is possible in the marketing technology industry.

This is a must-read for anybody interested in the future of ad agencies:

  1. Blesh: Blesh, which is headquartered in Istanbul, has a robust network of angel investors including Ali Sabanc, Turgut Gürsoy, Kemal Clz, and Emre Berkin. Since 2014, when Blesh SDK was first introduced, it has managed a network of over 300 applications with 80 million downloads. Businesses can take advantage of Blesh's smart messaging and hyper-local targeting. It's a location-based marketing and app development platform that also offers business solutions. It's a one-of-a-kind system that allows marketers to instantly reach out to their customers through their mobile apps using push notifications. It was the pioneering business to begin selling Physical Web beacons to the general public in December 2014. The Google Eddystone beacon format was launched in July 2015, and Blesh is an approved supplier of this new format.

  1. Periscope: There isn't a form of digital marketing that Periscope can't improve. Since its inception in 2010 by Gökhan Selamet, Periscope has partnered with 170 businesses and media outlets to provide digital services. Social media advertising involves the production of textual, visual, and video content to promote or introduce a product or service and generate user interaction. By designating certain advertisements as "sponsored," they can more precisely target those viewers most inclined to engage with them based on their interests. In this age of extreme communication anxiety, Periscope hopes to use its communication experiences to deliver excellent service to our consumers and establish the "right perception" of our brand. 

  1. WASK: WASK, which launched in 2018, integrates ad tracking and management across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. With one simple click, users can connect their existing advertising accounts to the WASK platform and manage all of their advertising accounts from a centralized location. If a user does not already have an advertising account, they can create one on the WASK system. Because of WASK's intuitive interface, consumers can monitor statistics for every advertising account from a single location. Wask's cloud-based, AI-backed solution streamlines the management of digital ads across all devices and speeds up all transactions with features like budget management, autopilot, scheduling, automatic reporting, and performance comparison.

  1. Medialyzer Media Technologies: Medialyzer is a powerful TV analytics tool with features including cross-channel ad integration, campaign reporting, and ad monitoring (for competitive intelligence and to see how your advertisements compare). The innovative video recognition technology it employs can identify live TV broadcasts and identify both your commercials and those of your competitors. The AI-powered algorithm in Medialyzer constantly updates its data for marketers at the moment. It connects the TV and the second screens by providing a SaaS platform where advertisers may get the latest data at any time and perform rapid analysis. 

  1. Justsnap: The global marketing and retail technology ecosystem include Justsnap, a platform for managing campaigns and promotions. Brands rely on their flexible, customizable solutions to implement instant win and cash-back promotions across all distribution channels with ease. Their cutting-edge Machine Learning-based receipt processing technology serves as the central digital validation center for proof-of-purchase-based campaigns, all while digitally recording the individual shopping basket data for in-depth research. Paperless office life is a top priority for Justsnap as part of the company's ongoing effort to create an environmentally conscientious workplace. Because of its very nature, the company makes a continuing contribution to environmental protection through its adoption of digital receipts and the development of digital incentive possibilities in place of physical ones. 

  1. Euro.Message: Euro.Message is a cloud-based omnichannel campaign management, analytics, reporting, and automation suite for large enterprises. It is accessible from any web browser and requires no further software to be installed. Euro.Message is Related Group's crown jewel; it's a cloud-based digital marketing supplier that offers solutions for data management, omnichannel campaign management, analytical forecasting, and marketing automation. 
  1. Zap: With a single click, taxis can now serve as mobile billboards, broadcasting ads directly to their intended demographic while on the move. It's a fantastic medium for broadcasting news about events and products, promoting daily deals, announcing new campaigns, and increasing brand visibility in general. Certain adverts play in their taxis at specific times of day and in specific neighborhoods throughout the city. If you want to reach a younger audience, for instance, your ads will play in college dorms during the afternoon. Advertisers pay a fee for each second that their ads are displayed. Zap! also runs a radio and television network.
  1. CreatorDen: The CreatorDen platform was launched in 2016 by Rick Koletavitoglu and Ozan Tabak as an influencer marketing hub. As a result, brands can collaborate with influential people on social media to spread their messages. It simplifies trading for marketing directors and opinion leaders with a PC platform and an iOS app. It changes static brand promotion into lively, interesting, and interactive online communication. A comprehensive briefing is conducted to verify that all elements are consistent with the marketer's branding. CreatorDen's features include influencer discovery, audience segmentation, expert advice, campaign management, event monitoring, and analytics on campaign success. 

  2. ReklamStore: When it comes to providing advertisers and publishers with data-centric performance solutions, ReklamStore is the digital advertising platform of choice. It was in 2007 that we launched Turkey's first display ad network. Since then, we've expanded our services to include affiliate, video, mobile, and native advertising options. By analyzing users' demographics, interests, and behaviours based on their web browsing behaviour, they can give online advertising solutions for advertisers to target the correct audience with a suitable ad model. Advertisers can more readily achieve their goals with well-executed web marketing campaigns in this way.
  1. Wordego: Wordego is an online advertising network that helps businesses connect with their ideal customers and allows publishers to earn money from the display and mobile ads. Allows advertisers to zero in on specific audiences based on factors such as age, gender, location, browser, and more. The advertising campaigns can be optimized in real-time thanks to the real-time reporting and campaign-specific reporting features provided. 

Hope you like the compiled list of Martech Startups in Turkey!

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