Markopolo prepared a detailed prompt action plan in the form of a defamation strategy.



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Mobile Financial Service

About, Story and Solution

About the company

Mobile financial service in Bangladesh operating under the authority of Bangladesh Bank as a subsidiary of BRAC Bank Limited. bKash changed the scenario of financial technology in Bangladesh. Finding out which values provided by them are preferred by the customers is an integral part of understanding and upgrading their features. While being engaged in such crucial decision-making incidents, bKash has encountered multiple smear campaigns.

Their Story

bKash wanted to know in micro level what their users are thinking about the features of their product, if their campaigns are resonating with their users, what is the sentiment positioning of bKash among its competitors, overall net promoter score positioning among the users of MFS and which features of their competitor’s product have more presence in the word cloud.


Markopolo monitored multiple social media communities comprising three lacs sixty-seven thousand people guided by bKash, conducted a 6-month week by week analysis of all the siloed data from these social communities and public threads used by MFS users, looked into competitors' community and users’ interaction data to find the answers of those questions in the community word cloud.

We found out that, some people with fake profiles in social media played a negative campaign just to criticize the services provided by bKash. This campaign included negative comments in the social media communities of bKash users and in other MFS brand users’ communities. We created a detailed prompt action plan, including finding out the key attributes of the defamation strategy. Based on our action plan and findings, immediate steps were taken to manage the situation. 

Following this, we moved on to building a remedial action plan analysis, finding key services that drive monthly user adoption. Our app usage analysis successfully identified the “electricity bill’’ payment service as the most used and appreciated service by the users. In that action report, we prompted bKash to design campaigns for their ‘Utility Bill feature’ specially targeting the ‘electric bill’ one. bKash utilized this information by promoting this feature in their next marketing campaigns. The questions that we answered by using social listening and textual analysis, resulted in the ability of bKash in staying ahead of its competitors while taking advantage of their best feature to acquire and retain customers.

Sentimental Analysis
of multiple social media communities comprising 3,60,000 people
Social Listening and Textual Analysis
to build a Plan of Action
Remedial Action Plan Analysis
helped Bkash to stay ahead of their Competitors.

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