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About, Story and Solution

Introduction of Data Connector

Data Connectors is a well-known and respected cybersecurity community that has been bringing together professionals in the field since 1999. It is the largest community of its kind in North America, boasting a membership of over 650,000 professionals from various regions including Canada, the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Through the use of live virtual summits and webinars, Data Connectors provides a platform for cybersecurity experts and solution providers to address and discuss the most pressing security issues of today. With the primary aim of connecting and educating the cybersecurity community, Data Connectors strives to empower its members in their ongoing efforts to combat cyber threats.

Background of the Problem:

Data Connectors is an organization that hosts cybersecurity conferences across North America, and they rely heavily on social media ads to sell tickets for these events. However, despite having hired a marketing agency to manage their social media campaigns, they found that their LinkedIn pages were left entirely unutilized for ad campaigns. This lack of engagement on LinkedIn resulted in zero ticket purchases through that channel. Additionally, their Facebook pages had low clickthrough rates of less than 1%, leading to poor ticket sales and revenue for their cybersecurity conferences.

What Markopolo did:

To overcome these challenges, Data Connectors turned to for a solution. This AI-based platform optimized their previously neglected LinkedIn ads and utilized its server-side pixel MarkTag along with its HubSpot integration to create custom audience sets. By pulling customer data from HubSpot and combining it with website event tracking data collected by MarkTag, the platform created more targeted and effective ad campaigns.

End Result:

After implementing the platform, Data Connectors saw significant improvements in their social media ad campaigns. They received nearly 300 registrations per event, and their clickthrough rate in their Facebook ad campaigns increased to approximately 3%. On average, the campaigns started receiving approximately 300% more link clicks every month for every Facebook campaign on average, which amounted to below 500 clicks before Markopolo came in. On the other hand, engagement rate through their LinkedIn campaigns shot up to 45% from 0% directly. The custom audience data provided by Markopolo’s Hubspot integration enabled them to retarget and realign their ad campaigns, resulting in increased ticket sales and revenue for their cybersecurity conferences.


Markopolo's HubSpot integration and server-side first-party data tracker, MarkTag, provided Data Connectors with better retargeting capabilities and improved utilization of their ad budget. By utilizing the platform's custom audience sets, Data Connectors was able to create more targeted and effective ad campaigns, which in turn resulted in higher ticket sales and revenue for their cybersecurity conferences. Additionally, the platform's optimization of their LinkedIn page allowed Data Connectors to expand their reach to a previously neglected audience.


Data Connectors faced challenges with their social media ad campaigns, but through the implementation of an AI-based social media ad management and optimization platform, they were able to overcome these obstacles and achieve significant improvements in their ad performance. The benefits of the platform, including better retargeting and ad budget utilization, led to increased ticket sales and revenue for their cybersecurity conferences. Additionally, the platform allowed Data Connectors to optimize their LinkedIn page and reach a wider audience. Overall, the implementation of an AI-based social media ad management and optimization platform proved to be a highly effective solution for Data Connectors.

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