5 Best Practices for Facebook Collection Ads

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Rafia Tabassum Sara
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Collection ad is an ad format on Facebook through which users can browse for products easily from their devices. A collection ad is a great tool for marketers to drive users' action and increase website or app engagements.

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How to Create a Collection Ad on Facebook

You can create a Collection ad by following these steps: 

  1. At first, go to Ads Manager.
  2. After that on the top left, click +Create.
  3. Now you need to choose an Objective that supports the Collection ad format. Tap on Continue.
  4. After this, you will have to add your campaign details, A/B test and campaign budget optimization information if required and click Next.
  5. Select a location where people will interact with your ad - website or app. If your brand has an app, connect your products in the ad directly to that.
  6. Select your budget, audience, placements and optimization, and tap on Next.
  7. You need to add your Facebook page in the Identity section. 
  8. Select Collection in the Ad Setup section.
  9. Now select an available template or search for an existing Instant Experience in the Customize your Instant Experience section. You can also make your custom template.
  10. Add your Primary text, headline, and deep link to the website after choosing how to feature your product in the Ad creative section. You should include how you want your Deep link to work in the Deep Link Destination field. 
  11. Select a preview option at the Ad preview window.  

If you wish to preview your collection on the Facebook app, click Preview. 

After that, click Send notification to Facebook. 

You can preview your ad on Facebook by opening the Facebook app on your phone.

This is only a preview for the Facebook News Feed; your collection ad could look different in other placements.

  1. Finish your ad by adding information in the Tracking section. When you are done, click Publish to publish your collection ad.

5 Best Practices for Facebook Collections

1. Choose Featured Products Wisely

You need to decide whether the images are shown dynamically or in a specific order. By selecting "Order dynamically," you allow Facebook to select four products from your catalog and product set and display them in descending order of popularity or likelihood of purchase.

2. Select the Best Cover Visual

Cover videos usually produce up to 20% higher interaction rates than cover images on collection ads. If your company lacks video assets, you can convert different photos into an auto-playing slideshow of pictures, which works just as well.

3. Focus on Retargeting

Although collection ads have high conversion rates, not everybody will visit your website. You can retarget these people specifically by creating custom audiences and notifying them why they would want to solve the issue with your product.

4. Drive Traffic with External Links

By adding a CTA and an external link to your campaign, users can navigate to other pages (a product page, sales page, post-click landing page, etc.) after clicking the ad and opening the full-screen Instant Experience.

5. Continually Test Your Ads

Always do A/B test for your ad elements, including-

  • Headlines
  • Offers
  • Ad copy
  • Cover visuals
  • Product images

Case studies

1. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club repurposed some of their existing ad creative targeting US men aged 18-65 to reach new audiences and drive member signups. 

They entered an interactive and engaging full-screen Instant Experience after clicking. Dollar Shave Club tested and compared the collection ad campaign to its traditional link ads using the same creative. Starting from May 15–30, 2017, they received: 

  • 1.5X rise in new subscriptions
  • 30% decrease in cost per subscription
  • 1.6 million new reaches

2. GameStop

The company ran six engaging collection ads promoting the company's holiday "Game Days Sale." Each ad featured four products showcasing various games and consoles, along with the messaging, “Up to 50% off the biggest games of the year:”


  • 7.5X rise in incremental ROAS
  • 4% increase in conversions
  • 6% increase in sales

3. Adore Me

They used a lifestyle cover picture of a woman in a bright bikini, as well as thumbnails of similar images, to highlight various pieces from the brand's spring and summer collection. 


  • 20% rise in website conversion rate
  • 32% lower CPA than goal
  • 23% of total purchases were from the collection ad.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a collection ad?

A collection ad is an ad format on Facebook which displays four product images below one core image on Facebook or Instagram feed.

What is a collection ad on Instagram?

A collection ad on Instagram is similar to that of Facebook but it has 3 product images instead of 4.

Final Thoughts on Collection Ad

Collection ads are a great way to drive engagement from users on social media platforms.  You can easily create your own collection ads and gain more reach and actions from your audience. 

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