A Beginner’s Guide To Promoting Your Shopify Store

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Shaikh Nahian
3 mins

Once you’re done with setting up and designing your Shopify store, the next step is to promote it.

While promoting your Shopify store primarily depends on your specific products, budget, and goals- there remain some general guidelines you can follow.

In this article, we will discuss some such strategies and tools for promoting your Shopify store.

Promoting Your Shopify Store

  • Website Optimization

To rank higher up in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), optimizing your Shopify website is a must.

Doing proper keyword research and integrating them into your website can help in this regard.

Try to use precise long-tail keywords and avoid keyword stuffing.

Also, don't forget about the title tags. Make sure they include your basic keywords and are under the 60-character limit.

Be concise in your meta descriptions, and keep within 155 characters or less.

  • Paid Search Advertising

Supplement your organic optimizations with paid advertising to maximize results.

PPC ads place you above the organic rankings in SERPs and can get your money's worth if done correctly.

Choosing the right keywords is also super important here, along with choosing the right bidding strategies.

Your ad placement depends on its quality score, that's based on factors like how relevant the ad is, click-through rates, and landing page experience.

  • Using Social Media

Social media worldwide is estimated to have six billion users by 2027.

So it's pretty much a no-brainer to start promoting yourself to this massive audience.

Use social media advertising to put yourself out there, and keep in mind to:

- make good quality organic content

- have good-quality visuals

- explore different ad formats on different platforms (e.g. video ads, carousel ads, etc.)

- use analytics

- try out influencer marketing.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are another clever way to promote your store. You can use it to get new customers as well as to retain existing ones.

With purposefully timed pop-ups in landing pages, you can get email addresses from new viewers and use those to create an email list. Then you can offer these new potential customers welcome discounts via email.

For existing customers, you can launch email marketing campaigns with the goal to inspire brand loyalty.

With triggered emails, you get to utilize automation to pre-schedule emails, which is a great help in email marketing campaigns.

  • Use Referrals

Offering referral programs is a great way to make your existing customers fetch out new customers for you.

People trust their friends and families more than ads, and referral programs capitalize on that.

To run a successful referral program, have something for both the current customer and the new one. For example- put up a welcome discount for the new customer (the referral) along with points or discounts for the referrer.

Making customers feel like they are a part of your team also builds brand loyalty, and referral programs do just that.

Final Thoughts

Using the tactics outlined above is only useful if you understand your customers and have clear goals. These strategies are to get you started, you should keep yourself open to new tactics and trends. Having a dynamic approach to your promotional activities will ensure better results. Hopefully, this article assists you in getting started on your promotional journey and retaining more leads and sales.

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