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Nadia Alam Borsha
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As the world's most used search engine google has become one of the best marketing platforms. The great thing about advertising on google is that not only do you get higher engagement and ROAS (return on ad spend) but you also get to optimize and manage all the campaigns from Google Ads.

Google ad recommendations is an entire section in Google Ads dedicated to helping you improve your campaigns. With this feature you can improve all of your campaigns from one page. Each recommendation includes personalized ideas to help you ensure the efficiency of your campaign.

How Google Ads Recommendation Works

The Recommendations page analyzes your account's performance history, campaign settings, and Google's considered best practices to create recommendations that might help you enhance your results. You can either go to the recommendations page and select some options manually for your campaign or you can use the recommendations auto application mode. The auto application feature lets businesses move faster, saves time, and is more helpful to their customers. Google prioritizes its recommendations in the following order:

  1. ROAS
  2. CPA
  3. Maximize conversions
  4. Enhanced CPC
  5. Target Impression Share

Should You Use the Google Ads Auto-applied Recommendations?

This feature could be a terrific fit for you or a disaster depending on your account goals and management style. If you've been using Google Ads for a while, you're well aware that best practices aren't always the best. There will be occasions when you don't want phrase or broad match keywords to be active in your account.

You might waste a lot of money on products that aren't a good fit for you if you don't keep prices in check. By agreeing to be reactive to these automated adjustments rather than approving them before they go live, you're agreeing to be reactive to their effects.

But if you can monitor the changes and review the options regularly you can enjoy all the benefits you usually get by doing it manually. If not you can let us handle the job for you. Check out, Markopolo.AI

How it Helps Your Campaign

  • Let the past be the guide to your improvement: The Recommendations page cannot predict the success of your campaign, however it can offer you a sense of how each tip can boost your performance based on past data such as your campaign performance and what people actually browse on Google. Use this data and the recommended options to have a successful campaign.
  • Save your time: When managing a campaign doing research is a must. But it can be time consuming as well. Google ad recommendations searches for ideas for you so you can work on making decisions rather than performing research.
  • Optimization Score: Optimization score is an estimate of how well your Google Ads account is set to perform. By selecting automatically applied recommendations, you can increase your account score.
  • Always keep up with the trends: Adding new keywords, negatives, and ad variants to your account can help keep things moving and keep things interesting. Google recommendations are always up to date so you get to know about all the latest trends and manage your campaigns keeping these trends in mind. This results in better audience engagement rate and higher ROI (return on investment).

Types of Google Ads Recommendation

There are different types of recommendations. Here are the types of recommendations and a few examples of the vast options you get recommended.

  • Ads and extensions: "Ads and extensions" assist you in improving your ads, creating new ads and organizing your ads into more effective ad groups. Extension recommendations can especially help you get the most out of your advertising and increase their clickthrough rates (CTR). Auto application feature is available for this. examples,
  1. Add ad suggestions
  2. Add assets to your responsive search ads
  3. Add lead form extensions to your ads
  4. Add price extensions to your ads
  5. Use optimized ad rotation

    • Automated campaigns: Through automated bidding, targeting, and ad generation, these recommendations improve campaign management and help enhance performance.
    1. Create a Local campaign
    2. Create a Smart display campaign
    3. Switch to Smart Shopping campaigns
    4. Migrate regular Shopping campaign offers to Smart Shopping campaigns

    • Bidding and budgets: Recommendations can assist you in determining the best bid strategy to fulfill your business objectives and ensuring that your campaigns are not budget constrained. Actual budget changes are notably absent from this list, however, keep in mind that changing bids can have an impact on how much of your budget is spent.
    1. Adjust your ROAS and CPA targets
    2. Adjust your budget.
    3. Move unused budgets.
    4. Set a bidding strategy target
    5. Set up conversion tracking

    • Keywords and targeting: These recommendations can assist you in reaching out to more people who are interested in your services. This is a very important part of optimizing your campaign. Because accurate targeting and effective keywords can boost your audience engagement through the roof! These are some of the suggestions,
    1. Add audiences
    2. Add phrase or broad match versions of your keywords
    3. Create a custom audience
    4. Create Dynamic Search Ads
    5. Use audience expansion

    • Repairs: This will assist you with resolving account problems and improving the general health and performance of your account. Among the recommendations there are,
    1. Add a feed to your campaign
    2. Fix certification issues
    3. Fix disapproved Discovery campaign assets
    4. Fix Merchant Center account suspension
    5. Fix your conversion tracking

    • Proposed changes: Proposed modifications are optimizations that your Google Ads account representative recommends improving the performance of your campaign.

    Final Thoughts

    Google's ads recommendations do make the work easier.  It also comes with low risk and effective results. Whether you use the automation process or the manual process it doesn't hurt to review and monitor them closely. By doing just that you can create a perfect ad campaign.

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