How Did We Get Private Beta Access in GPT-3 Within 1 Day?

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Rubaiyat Farhan
3 mins read

"OpenAI’s new language generator GPT-3 is shockingly good and completely mindless."

"The AI is the largest language model ever created and can generate amazing human-like text on demand but won't bring us closer to true intelligence.”

According to Will Douglas Heaven from MIT Technology Review, GPT-3 is the most powerful language model ever. Its predecessor, GPT-2, released last year, was already able to spit out convincing streams of text in a range of different styles when prompted with an opening sentence. But GPT-3 is a big leap forward. The model has 175 billion parameters (the values that a neural network tries to optimize during training), compared with GPT-2’s already vast 1.5 billion. And with language models, size really does matter.

Everything a Human can think of writing, a GPT-3 backed software can produce that with Humane creativity intact. Even beyond that with the new DALL-E model, it now creates images from text captions for a wide range of concepts expressible in natural language.

This is the story of us, getting the access of GPT-3, one of the most valued beta access in the world currently.

After going through tweets, articles and Reddit threads available on the internet about how to get access to GPT-3, it was clear that the form in the OpenAI website is the first priority, we need to fill that with diligence.

We created a google doc, ‘copy and paste’ all the questions from the form to it, then sketched some crucial ‘not to forget’ points first, then went on in detail to answer those.

The core question that we targeted was “ Are there any ideas you may be excited about building once you are on the API? ” We articulated the answer as we would have done for an elevator pitch, there was a problem statement, solution statement, and our unique selling proposition, we also added what drove us to select this idea. Some will say to stand out from the crowd you need to add the market potential, or linking the idea to OpenAI’s benefit in some way; but the thing is even individuals who want to use GPT-3 in a unique use case that he/she is passionate about, are getting access to it. So, the focus should be on the idea, if it's relatable to GPT-3 and you have articulated it in the right words, then you are on the right track.

Next was to attract the attention of someone from OpenAI’s team, to expedite the waiting queue. We saw many variants of tactics in these portions, the most common ones are tweeting tagging Greg Brockman(@gdb), OpenAI's CTO, creating a video on why you want to get access in GPT-3, and emailing Greg Brockman or any of the OpenAI employee.

We chose the third option, we mailed Greg and Lillian, mentioning why we have chosen’s idea, what drove us, what does and why we want to use GPT-3 in our development process.

And we got the access!

Simple as that! If you have any questions about applying or want feedback on your application, DM us on Twitter!

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