How investing in your online presence will grow revenue?

Stefanie Curtis
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Building a strong online presence has become essential for your Business-to-Business (B2B) company to maximize your profit potential. With an increased push towards digital engagement and customer centric online experience, it is increasingly vital for B2B companies to have a clear understanding of all the available strategies to invest in to optimize your online presence to drive predictable revenue growth. 

In this blog post, we will explore some of the key mindset and strategies that B2B organizations should implement in order to get ahead and stay competitive in today's market.

What is included in a successful online strategy?

We can see how the landscape of businesses' have swiftly migrated from brick-and-mortar to the realm of hyper online presence when we look at how multi device path to purchase has emerged as an indispensable compass for success.

Seamlessly navigating through various digital touchpoints – be it smartphones, tablets, laptops, or even smart TVs – has become the modern consumer's modus operandi. Which only goes to show how integral a well-planned online strategy is to revenue growth.

Cross-Device Path to Purchase

An online strategy is a comprehensive plan of action detailing how your B2B company will stand out online. 

It encompasses three critical components:

  1. Integrates a business marketing strategy with digital techniques, marketing technologies and track data.
  2. Improves how marketing engages with influencers and buyers.
  3. Helps target, acquire and retain customers.

What are the top online presence strategies to invest in?

Building a online presence to drive predictable revenue growth, here are six top investments that all B2B companies should make to optimize their online presence:

  1. Content marketing strategy.
  2. Brand positioning strategy and execution.
  3. Integration of mobile marketing into your channel mix.
  4. SEO/SEM strategy and execution.
  5. Email marketing strategy and execution.
  6. Event strategy and execution.

What other investments should be made to optimize my online presence?

The latest New York Times article suggested 15 ideas on how to optimize your B2B online presence as it’s one of the things that most entrepreneurs struggle with. 

Here are top 4:

  1. Invest in developing a business strategy to create a unique business model to solve a specific business problem.
  2. Invest in a marketing strategy to document a marketing strategy that is aligned with your business strategy.
  3. Is your business over 2 years old? It might be time to audit your online presence from a strategic lens.
  4. Change your mindset from short-term, quick wins, more is better to invest in putting together a detailed two-year strategic marketing plan. A strategic plan will help narrow your focus to only investing in strategic marketing that will bring more value to your business. That’s how you can play bigger

Using marketing ai, how to track your ROI?

Here are 3 marketing technologies that have consistently brought success to B2B marketers:

  1. Customer data management.

With the use of AI-powered marketing technologies, you need to gather customer relevant data management to improve your customer experiences online. There are many benefits to collect data seamlessly.

  1. Customer lifetime value analysis.

The customer lifetime value is the total revenue or value of a customer relationship over a lifetime. 

  1. Event-triggered marketing. 

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