LinkedIn Premium : Your guide for 2023

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LinkedIn is an excellent free tool for creating a professional network. If you have used the site, you are aware that it makes numerous attempts to convince you to switch to LinkedIn Premium. But why?

We'll go over everything you need to know about LinkedIn Premium in this piece. This article covers the price of LinkedIn Premium, the features it offers, and whether it offers a decent return on investment.

For job seekers, LinkedIn Premium is available in four tiers, running from $29.99 to $59.99 per month, for salespeople, it costs $79.99 per month, and for recruiters, it costs $119.95 per month. Annual billing comes with a small reduction.

LinkedIn Premium Features

Profile Views

Users of LinkedIn Premium can view a list of the last 90 days' worth of profile views. It's a fantastic method to monitor your competitors. How many people watch your profile each week is shown in a graph at the top of the page. This data can be used to spot trends in traffic growth or decline.

Premium Search Filters

Users can use LinkedIn Premium search filters to limit their search results and find individuals who meet certain requirements. You can use a number of filters on each premium account type, with the exception of the Premium Career subscription, to discover the ideal candidate.

To find individuals based on their level of seniority, the size of the business they work for, their interests, or whether they work for a Fortune 500 company, you can use search filters. Additionally, filters can be used to locate individuals based on their location, industry, or level of education.


Even if they are not in your network, you can communicate direct messages to other users using the LinkedIn Inmail feature. It is a fantastic method to stay in touch with other site experts and keep track of the messages you've sent.

These are just a few of the tools available with LinkedIn Premium. There are numerous others, such as unique profiles, sophisticated analytics, and exclusive material. Visit the LinkedIn website to find out more about LinkedIn Premium.

LinkedIn Learning

A great method to advance your career and learn new skills is LinkedIn Learning. You have access to more than 13,000 courses offered by professionals in the field through LinkedIn Learning.

All LinkedIn Premium memberships come with access to LinkedIn Learning. Any device can be used to access self-paced LinkedIn Learning classes.

These are just a few of the tools available with LinkedIn Premium. A profile organizer, stored search results, and reference search are just a few of the additional features.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth the Money?

Getting LinkedIn Premium can serve you in many ways, especially when you’re a

Looking for a New Job

Jobs in social media marketing are available everywhere, but you must know where to search to find one. 

With that, LinkedIn can be useful. The Top Applicant search can help you find jobs that are a good match for what you're looking for and that you have a good chance of at least getting an interview for. Many businesses make sure their jobs show up on LinkedIn.

When you're searching for a traditional job, their resources for resume building and interview practice are also priceless. Even if you are aware that you already possess the necessary qualifications for the job, you can still ensure that you will be able to put your best foot forward to truly offer yourself a fighting chance. 

Freelancer Trying to Find Clients  

It's crucial to always have a steady flow of clients passing through the door if you work as a freelancer. Even with a contract, there is little to no employment security, so you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket. 

The Career plan has been very beneficial to freelancers who used the InMail credits to get in touch with potential customers; the insights that show them how he/she when compared to other candidates is excellent, and the Top Applicant tool can even help people find relevant freelance jobs.

You’re an Agency Owner or Business Owner 

One excellent choice might be LinkedIn Premium. Although it has powerful features to expedite the process of finding and contacting clients, it also aids in your own exposure, making room for more cold calling on platforms. 

And when you're prepared to expand, you can use the Premium features to discover capable individuals to collaborate with you as either contractors or employees! The Career or the Business plans might work for you if you intend to use LinkedIn Premium to expand your business. Start with the Career strategy and assess how frequently and effectively you use it before moving on. 

Final Thoughts

The free version of LinkedIn allows you to create a brand, apply for jobs, and get basic insights like who has viewed your profile in the last few days, without having to sign up for LinkedIn Premium. 

However, in the instances we've covered above, a Premium membership may be well worth the cost. It simply depends on how you're using the platform, what functions you need, and how you can profit from it.

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