Retargeting In Shopify: Basics And Best Practices

Shaikh Nahian
3 mins

With all the focus on attracting new customers, the aspect of turning the existing customers into repeating customers may get overlooked. Once someone has purchased something from your Shopify store (or even simply visited)- how to get them to come back again?

The answer would be retargeting campaigns.

What is retargeting?

It's a strategy for increasing sales by retargeting people who already purchased something or simply visited your website at least once. Using certain mechanisms, you can make sure that they see personalized ads from you on other platforms after leaving your site. By certain mechanisms, we mean using cookies to collect contact and behavioral information about visitors, and using those to retarget. This can boost brand awareness and engagement, resulting in greater sales.

Best practices for retargeting on Shopify

  • Retargeting emails

Cookies on your website can capture visitor emails, also you can use pop-up forms to get them. When you have that email, you can send relevant, personalized retargeting emails to encourage them back to your site. These emails can have special offers and discounts to lure visitors back in.

  • Supplement retargeting emails with retargeting ads

Retargeting visitors with ads on different platforms and networks is another clever way to show your products even after they leave your site. Using display ads for this purpose gets the best results as it combines both text and visual elements. Using these retargeting display ads in addition to retargeting emails can maximize effectiveness.

  • Don't overwhelm

When using multiple retargeting channels in parallel as stated above, remember to pace yourself. It's important to not come off as if you are spamming, which creates a long-lasting bad impression. Set retargeting frequency based on your audience, and make sure the emails and ads are relevant and personalized.

  • Retarget abandoned carts

Visitors often abandon carts, and retargeting them increases the possibility of them coming back to complete the purchase. Do it in multiple channels and based on abandoners' behaviors for effective results.

  • Retarget high-value customers

High-value customers are the ones who bring more value to your business- either by spending more or with good reviews and referrals. Analyze and pinpoint these high-value customers and make them the target of your retargeting activities.

  • Don't forget the first-time visitors

First-time visitors usually don't make purchases, but that doesn't mean they will not eventually. Good landing pages can intrigue first-time visitors, and retargeting campaigns can capitalize on that to reel them back to make purchases.

  • Use MarTech solutions

Running retargeting campaigns can be rigorous and repetitive if you do everything manually. Thankfully, there are many MarTech software out there to help you out (e.g. You can use them for tracking, retargeting, scheduling, analytics- pretty much everything and see effective results. 

Final Thoughts

For store owners at Shopify, retargeting should be an essential part of their marketing operations. Overlooking something as vital as this will result in missing out on potential sales and revenue increases. With retargeting, you are focusing on people who are already interested in you, so conversion is much easier. Hopefully, this article helps you get started on retargeting campaigns for your Shopify store.

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