Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends of 2022

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Aqueb Safwan Jaser
6 mins read

Gone are the days when digital marketing was a simple step-by-step approach to marketing products online. These days, it’s more complicated than we think it is. There is a multitude of trends surrounding digital marketing.

Focusing on this year, we have listed out 10 of them:

1. Into The Metaverse

The metaverse is not just confined to Facebook. It’s the virtual world comprising virtual reality, 3D holographic avatars, video, and augmented reality. You won’t be limited to one-off experiences such as but you can experience the entirety of it. You will interact with people who you will find working, playing, and socializing.

Metaverse has to be one of the top 10 digital marketing trends of 2022 because it provides users with a completely innovative set of performance metrics. Marketers all over the world can now experiment with features that only lingered in their imaginations.

For instance, they can now check the duration of virtual objects being held, the space they occupy in the peripheral vision of the users, and exactly where they are looking when they encounter a particular ad.

These amazing insights on Metaverse carry the potential to comprehensively re-define what we know about our audience and these will provide us with indispensable direction as we move forward with our digital marketing strategies.

2. Make Art Great Again With Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Web 3.0 is the next evolution of the web. Other than understanding their place in the metaverse, brands can also examine blockchain technology to prepare themselves for the upcoming versions of the web. And one trending feature of blockchain happens to be non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In case you aren’t informed about NFTs, it basically means exchanging something, not of equal value. If we think about what is fungible, the U.S. dollar can be a good example. If you have a $50 bill, you can exchange it for five $10 bills. However, due to the authenticity factor, you can’t exchange it with a copy you have of the book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

The digital form of non-fungibles, NFTs comprise cool digital assets like animation, GIF, graphic design, audio/video file, and you might even crack up, but meme comes on the list too, all exist on a blockchain.

3. Making It Big With Cryptocurrency

If you consider yourself a savvy marketer, you will definitely keep a lookout for cryptocurrency, one of the digital marketing trends that are moving toward decentralized finance.

Although cryptocurrency is still the U.S.-based niche, brands embracing the method of cryptocurrency can get the opportunity to draw in newer customers. Of course, they need to ensure the demographic fits properly.

Cryptocurrencies are making waves of changes on par with the magnificent processors, such as Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. This will greatly impact how products and services interact with their customers. Furthermore, marketers will be more curious than ever to coordinate themselves with the prospect of having an accelerated demographic reach.

4. Acquiring New Audience With Zero & First-Party Data

Marketers often fail to understand that the audience they are targeting usually belongs to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This suggests as a marketer you don’t have any control over them. As a consequence, you need to create your own own. But how do you do that?

Simply, by incorporating data collection methods that put consumer privacy at the highest priority. In each of your campaigns, you would need to create first-party data. This would make you completely independent of others’ data. Examples comprise newsletters, CRM tools, social media, and email.

Zero-party data, otherwise known as data that is directly derived from the consumer by the means of online interactions, such as surveys, is also quintessential.

5. Supply Chain Buffering To Always Have Backup

It is highly recommended for marketers to coordinate their marketing objectives with the capacity of the capacity. By keeping in the record the 30-day buffer stock, brands will get the upper hand.

Due to this reason, backup inventory or buffer stock can protect you from being out of stock during unpredicted upsells. Supply chain buffering makes sure that you always have a sufficient amount of your products as a backup. In this way, you can easily meet your shipping deadlines and most importantly, your valuable customers won’t have to wait impatiently as you restock.

6. Fine-Tune Retail Experience With Social Commerce

Platforms such as TikTok and Instagram have this wonderful feature called social commerce, basically, a digital store to showcase all your products to your potential and existing customers. This attribute has to be in the list of the top 10 digital marketing trends of 2022 as this allows brands to narrow the gap between discovery and conversion.

7. Content is King & Simplicity is the Knight

Simplicity is one of the major trends of 2022!The reason is simple enough. Content Marketing is, inevitably, one of the major aspects of digital marketing. All the brands have to incorporate a content marketing strategy one way or the other. But in a sea of a myriad of content, how do you make your brand stand out?

Don’t make it complicated. Simplicity is the key. Make it understandable so that your customers are always on the watch for your next content.

8. Embracing Sustainability & DEI

Gen Z is one of the major target audiences when it comes to digital marketing, their say is a must. They are always on the lookout for which brand is standing for a cause and which is not. One crucial issue that matters to them the most is climate change.

In their digital marketing strategy, brands need to keep up with the trend of being open about sustainability as well as including DEI attempts in the brand messaging. Besides, preserving the beauty and wellness of the earth should be imperative for all of us despite we are working in the digital marketing industry or not. Every little effort counts!

9. Accessibility For Everyone

Another major trendy digital marketing aspect is accessibility. As a brand, you need to be inclusive. For instance, in 2021, JCPenny launched an all-inclusive line of children’s clothing, which also comprised attires for any child with disabilities.

This move by JC Penny was not only commendable but also inspiring to every brand. After two long years of staying inside our homes, 2022 could very well be the year of change. But a change can only come if we are all in this together.

10. Leveraging Video Content

Video will take the place of static content and become the mainstay of every digital marketing. Both social media platforms and streaming TV channels will present innovative advertising products that will only focus on video.

As a matter of fact, even the retail experience will have video incorporated to entice customers and enhance the scale of revenue.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is fun and challenging. The trends help you understand the business environment better so you can deploy the best strategy to win.

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