Top Martech Startups in Singapore In 2023

Vaskor Roy
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Introduction: An expanding sector known as "Martech," incorporates a number of advancements for business growth through technologies. Southeast Asia belongs to many promising martech startups that provide various platforms for facilitating marketing and sales operations for SMEs, bigger global firms, and their affiliated companies. With new firms starting up daily, Singapore's martech sector is flourishing. We will highlight the top 10 startups to watch in this article. 

  1. VikRee Pte. Ltd - B2B SaaS engagement platforms which manages and partners with ecosystems

About : Diverse ecosystems with numerous distributor & partner-partner interactions are replacing old, resale-focused partnership approaches. Currently, such diversified collaborations are handled by aging systems or, more frequently, by spreadsheets. VikRee offers a cutting-edge SaaS platform that fosters high levels of trust and attribution across several partners to assist businesses in managing such ecosystem relationships.

  1. Venture Capital Network Pte. Ltd - Investment Advisory

About: Building up the ecosystem and channel marketing partners to help businesses scale up. Organizing investor events and matching fundraising to investors in the network.

  1. PlastiSITy - Singapore Institute of Technology

About: SusGain's B2B strategy intends to offer tailored corporate solutions, combining gamification elements, to catalyze change with workers' attitudes around environmental sustainability, starting with encouraging positive behavioral change from multinationals to consumers. Organizations would be persuaded to transition to a plastic-lite business by fostering future-focused staff.

  1. Zapkad - Digital business org containing comprehensive features worldwide

About: With CRM, QR codes, NFC, radar, limitless OCR scans, cloud storage, and proactive notifications to improve business networking, Zapkad is the most complete digital business card available. Companies may aggregate the paper business cards that their workers have scanned to link with their CRM and control their employees' digital business cards from an unified platform.

  1. This is Synthesis - A tech startup consultancy strategist

About: Their team of human-centered data scientists is developing a set of digital marketing tools for group strategic planning. They are made to enable people to have access to, investigate, and analyze client data using the Human Centered Advanced Analytics frameworks we have tried and refined via our consultancy firm.

  1. SpotMe - Both virtual and hybrid event management platform for B2B marketers

About : The platform for managing events for B2B marketers is called SpotMe. G2 and Forrester claim they are among the leading competitors in the market with more than 2 million members and 400+ clients. SpotMe is used by companies like SAP, Pfizer, and KPMG to increase demand, foster relationships, and boost sales. Their platform supports hybridized meetings, webinars, and virtual events with applications, video, statistics, and participant involvement.


About: The ideal immersive skills-building accelerator for young entrepreneurs, virtual travelers, digital marketers, and creators is called BOOTSTRACK.

  1. Circle it

About : Their major objective is to increase brand awareness and recognition. Services for Digital Marketing and Branding Internet Development Designing UI/UX and developing content.

  1. Jibal - Reduces time for SMEs to research

About : Jibal wants to establish a financial market in southeast Asia that is solely focused on the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), with Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia as its initial markets. They are developing a network that will combine elements of existing business loan brokers with competitive websites for loans to small businesses. Business financing products would be the first thing made available on their site. They seek to transform how SMEs do their homework, evaluate loans, and submit loan applications.

  1. Symnex CRM - Creates Next Gen Solutions

About: Symnex is a multi-disciplined creative firm that focuses on giving companies complete creative solutions. Branding, content marketing, site planning, and digital marketing are among the services they provide. They are the go-to advertising company in Singapore since they undertake in-depth analysis, comprehend client needs, and use customized strategies.

The above top Martech businesses provide companies and consumers with value-added options. The adoption of these cutting-edge technologies and the increasing popularity of martech will expedite the move to the new digital era in marketing. The well-known martech businesses in Singapore are among one of the best in the sector and have a great deal of promise for future success.

Want to know how the Indian market is doing in terms of Martech? Check out this post for top Indian Martech startups to keep your eyes on in 2023.

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