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"Automatically reach the right audience with AI-generated social content."


Overall, Markopolo gives me a step-by-step guide to help me create an ad, target the right audience, and make the monitoring campaign. The interface is straightforward to use, and it's plain to see the results of the campaigns. The tool also helps me find the best-performing audience segments and target the right people with my posts. If you are an agency, you can manage an unlimited number of clients, and each client can be managed with each brand.
I'm a small business owner and swamped managing my time; I was looking for an affordable, easy-to-use, and effective marketing tool, and I found Markopolo. Markopolo is a helpful tool for me to create AI-powered content and run social media and search ad campaigns.

Phuong N.

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"It's a great tool in
simplifying Ads."


I've been using Markopolo for a few weeks now and they have one of the best support team! They reply in a quick manner. I can even schedule calls with them. Rubaiyat and the team are very patient with me too. The feature I like the most is it's ability to target users in a specific location. I live in a country where Facebook doesn't segment users to a specific location, but one country as a whole. And this feature is a game changer. Markopolo, as of now, doesn't have the feature for me to upload creatives based on placement. However this is in the roadmap and I'm looking forward to this feature. Overall, great team and the app has a huge potential! Tier 1 is great for small business doing their ads in-house. Tier 3 is great for agencies. I highly recommend this.


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Get Higher Returns

Get higher RETURNS from the same ads that you’re now running in your ad managers.... Let Markopolo optimise the accounts and set up the best route for you to achieve the highest return possible from the same ad budget!
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Markopolo ensuring Higher Returns, 47.9 ROAS for a client
Markopolo gives the user options to choose from Preset Audiences for Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube.

Sell Your Products

Our AI-powered Creative Assistant helps you create converting campaigns, add them with preset audiences and Markopolo will walk your traffic through each step of the sales funnel, and convert them from “visitors” into actual paying customers who benefit from your products…
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Re-Target Your Audience

When you upgrade to Markopolo’s Business Tier, you get access to Markopolo’s PIXEL integration, get to accurately re-target your audience, resulting in increases in event match scores and - most importantly - real impact on CPCs, CTRs, and advertising ROI.
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See all the metrics that matters from Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube ads. You can create custom metrics too
Get all the metrics at one place. Its a combined dashboard for all the ad platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram and YouTube ads.

Don’t Miss Out on Critical Data

Finding critical data from ad manager’s ‘haystack’ means you will surely miss out 1 out of 10 times....if it’s multiple ad managers that you’re running ads to, then..? Markopolo’s advanced dashboard covers it all, and with integration with tens of platforms, it’s now super DIFFICULT to miss out a single data!
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- Run omni channel campaigns in Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, TikTok (Upcoming) and Klaviyo (Upcoming)

- Use Mark Tag to recapture lost audience due to cookie loss, direct lift in Revenue

- Perform optimizations to increase sales while lowering costs

- Automate daily actions to focus on strategy

- Suggestion Engine that guides like a professional marketer

- Get a holistic overview of all the metrics from all the campaigns in one dashboard

- Ad Maker that comes with AI Generated Copy and Creatives

- Targeting AI generates custom Audience presets

- GDPR Compliant

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