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Marketing to niche segment is tricky. Brands need to create content which will enhance the brand’s commitment to their customers and at the same time they should provide the brand’s message to the broader community. To ensure quality engagement and communication with the proper audience, the digital marketing of such brands need to designed according to the needs of prospective customers at different levels of the sales funnel. Niche marketing is extremely focused since it focuses on a certain portion of the audience. Micro targeting reduces expenses by narrowing the demographic you target. Minimal micro-budgets are provided for this sort of brand marketing, which minimizes a business's marketing expenditures all in all. This results in user-generated scaling up.

This suggests that if the early customers prefer the product, they are more inclined to publicize. It has the power to improve a sales and profits.

Their Story

AquaBLAST specializes in swimming accessories, portable punching bags for pools and spas. Needless to say, their multipurpose exercise device caters to a very specific target segment.

The challenge they were facing was a proper content planning strategy. Since they had different tiers of content to post for different segment, the planning and scheduling was getting messier by the time. When AquaBLAST started with Markopolo, they were initiating their paid marketing in Facebook, Instagram and in Google. They needed a solution which can help them to scale in those platforms. Within First Quarter they have achieved:

Their Solution

AquaBLAST started their journey with Markopolo by using Audience Maker to the fullest. They used Markopolo’s AI audiences which outperformed all of their previous campaigns performances. Markopolo’s optimization engine quickly detected how they can improve their campaigns and suggested them recommendations accordingly. They created high performing copies and made their asset library with their Brand’s background templates. They used these templates in Ad Maker tool to batch produce contents. These they then used to create multiple ad sets in the Campaign Maker tool. Finally, A/B testing and scheduling all of these assets led to achieving a mammoth 8 in return on ad spending .

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