Markopolo helped Colorbox increase Return on ad spend and decrease the cost per purchase.



Jaipur, Rajasthan


Garments Manufacturer

About, Story and Solution

ColorBox India was launched in the year 2019 with the purpose of celebrating todays flamboyant women. At ColorBox India, we strive to be the choice of a wide age group, designing comfortable yet beautiful and classy unique garments. From sourcing the fabric, to stitching and detailing, everything is done in-house. We have a wide range of casual wear, dresses, tops, suit sets, kurtas, coordinated sets, bags and much more.

Their Story

Having a keen interest in fashion, Pooja graduated in Fashion Designing and after gaining experience in the garment industry, started manufacturing garments in her own style. She started reaching out to clients initially by participating in various exhibitions in different cities in India, where she got an excellent response. Her designs and products were immensely appreciated by all. She was encouraged by her customers to start a store in their cities, so she decided to start an online store so that she could cater to all her customers and clients in different cities. She then collaborated with her friend Kunal, an engineer and an entrepreneur, also having great interest in the fashion world and social media marketing, who was much interested in foraying in the clothing industry and together, they are taking the brand to newer heights, striving to bring to you the best in fashion, more than one could ask for. Womenswear held the majority share of the e-commerce fashion market of India with a 50 per cent market share and 30 per cent order volume growth in fiscal 2021 (FY-2021) compared to previous financial year, as per a recent report. So Colorbox, needed an ad buying solution, which can save them time to focus more on their business . Also, these ad buying needs to be precise and be able to generate high amount of top of the funnel visitor.

How helped Colorbox:

    🎯 Return on ad spend was increased by 3.6x 📈

    🎯 Decrease in cost per purchase by 44% 📉

    🎯 Decrease in cost per add-to-cart by 61% 📉

Colorbox used Markopolo's Optimization Engine to ensure that profitable initiatives were scaled up and non-profitable campaigns were scaled down. They used the Dashboard to check their performance to ensure they were getting the expected results. This also allowed them to make quick changes to their marketing plan when they needed to improve. Colorbox used Markopolo's AI audiences to test several audiences for Acquisition. They also liked Markopolo's Campaign Maker, which allowed them to launch campaigns in just a few minutes.

Markopolo saved Colorbox ample of time and even saved them from employing a campaign manager by automating most of the media buying processes. It allowed them to focus on strategy instead of the tedious media-buying tasks and led to incredible results.

3.6x ⬆️
Return on Ad spending (ROAS)
44% ⬇️
Cost per Purchase (CPC)
61% ⬇️
Cost per Add-to-Cart

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