207% more identified visitors, 141% higher ROAS and 27% budget savings in just months



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The Transformative Power of Advanced Analytics: How Fabrilife Unlocked Massive Performance Gains

Ecommerce has exploded in recent years, but brands face immense challenges in tracking customer journeys and optimizing performance across channels in today's complex, privacy-focused landscape. For one leading ecommerce company, Fabrilife, advanced analytics provider proved transformational - unleashing comprehensive cross-channel insights that drove optimization and 207% more identified visitors in just 2 months.

The Challenge: Fragmented Data and Missed Opportunities

Like many ecommerce companies, Fabrilife relied on traditional analytics like Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to understand their customer journeys and optimize spend. However, limitations abounded. GA4 missed huge numbers of visitors due to increased use of privacy browsers, iOS 14 changes, and other factors. Without identifying these users, massive opportunities were being left on the table.

Funnel visibility was also limited to GA4's predefined structures, leaving pipeline blindspots. And with data fragmented across platforms, optimizing cross-channel ad spend was educated guesswork at best. Fabrilife knew advanced analytics could unlock huge performance gains, if only they could find the right solution.

The Approach: Comprehensive Identification, Unified Insights, and Intelligent Optimization overcomes the limitations of siloed, incomplete analytics by combining identification, customer journey mapping, and cross-channel optimization into one unified platform.

Proprietary identification technology tracks every customer touchpoint across devices and channels, capturing billions of data points to stitch together full journey profiles. MarkID provides persistent and omnichannel identification surpassing typical 90-day attribution windows, ensuring no visitors go undetected regardless of privacy settings, browser choice, or platform limitations.

From here, Customer Journey Mapping reveals user flows through sales funnels, exposing friction points and opportunities far beyond default GA4 conversions. By connecting cross-channel data into full journey visualizations, Markopolo illuminates pipeline blind spots while uncovering ways to improve CAC.

Finally, Markopolo activates these insights through real-time, machine learning optimization of cross-channel ad budgets. Rather than fragmented efforts, budgets are strategically allocated to drive KPIs across platforms. As performance fluctuates, Markopolo adapts spending via algorithms designed to reduce waste and maximize ROI.

Lighting Up the Full Customer Journey: 207% More Identified Visitors

For our client, Fabrilife, the impact was immediate and immense. MarkID identified 8.95 million users in just months - 207% more than GA4. These were previously invisible visitors that Markopolo could now track across devices, unlocking a trove of behavioral insights.

Other key analytics like ROAS and retention revealed similar gaps. By illuminating the entire customer journey, Markopolo spotlighted massive missed opportunities.

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Optimizing Every Touchpoint: 141% Higher ROAS, 27% Budget Savings

Armed with comprehensive insights, Fabrilife could optimize touchpoints at scale. Intelligent bid optimization drove a 141% increase in average ROAS. Custom audience building improved personalization for a projected 2.1X ROI. And Markopolo's AI-optimization of cross-channel budgets reduced projected wastage by 27% while steering spending to high-ROI areas.

With journey visibility powering informed optimization, they efficiently allocated budgets to accelerate growth.

“We were stunned by the insights Markopolo unlocked for our business. Their advanced analytics shed light on huge blindspots across our customer journey and marketing channels. Now equipped with full visibility and intelligence, we’ve rapidly improved performance and uncovered enormous opportunities for long-term growth."
  • Riyadh, Fabrilife

Uncovering Friction and Opportunity: 4% Lower CAC

Critically, Markopolo revealed pain points within sales funnels. Clearer visibility let our client identify drop-off points and phases causing customer friction. Addressing these issues created a smoother journey from prospect to purchase.

These insights were invaluable in reducing CAC by 4% - saving significant ad spend. With unified data, our client could surgically optimize pipelines across channels to maximize conversions.

The Bottom Line: Compounding Performance Gains Over Time

In today's complex ecommerce landscape, brands must transcend siloed, incomplete analytics to maximize value from each touchpoint. For our client Fabrilife, Markopolo illuminated the full cross-channel customer journey, driving informed optimization that unlocked massive, compounding gains over time.

With 207% more identified visitors, 141% higher ROAS and 27% budget savings in just months, our client radically accelerated their growth trajectory. Markopolo's unified analytics and machine learning optimization compounds these improvements quarter over quarter, creating sustainable performance advantages over fragmented solutions.

Advanced analytics is no longer a “nice-to-have” - it's foundational to competing in modern ecommerce. As Fabrilife's incredible growth underscores, unified customer intelligence and AI-optimization separate the industry leaders from the rest. There has never been a better time to unlock your organization's full potential.

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