Increased ROAS by 522% from Meta Ads after using the Markopolo Enterprise Solution






About, Story and Solution is an online retailer of premium child furniture originating from Belgium, offering a wide range of high-quality furniture for children, including cribs, dressers, desks, and more. Their furniture is made from the finest materials and is designed to be both functional and stylish.

Target Audiences

The primary target customers of Loppoticha are young well-established parents who want the best for their children whether in terms of safety or in terms of living environment. An ideal customer of typically spares no expense for their children to have a beautiful and safe environment that inspires creativity.  

The Problem of

The primary problem faced in their digital ad campaigns were the following -

Their return on overall ad spends were abysmally low, to the point that the amount spent on ads didn't generate any revenue whatsoever. Case in point, the total ad expenditure in the last 4 campaigns was €862.31, the reach of these campaigns were 221363, whereas the ROAS was 0 - a disastrous figure for ad campaigns. This essentially meant that their ad campaigns were completely ineffective in converting their target audience into customers.

How Markopolo AI Improved The Ad Campaign Performances

Once the retailer bought a business tier subscription to Markopolo AI, we immediately assigned a campaign manager to their ad campaigns and ad accounts and took the following steps - 

  • Launching 5 different sets of ads, with specific variations in creatives and targeted audiences in order to find the perfect mix of ad sets for
  • Conducting a wide range of AB testing across different elements of the landing pages to determine the perfect landing page of the website for the ad campaigns. 
  • Implementing a complete campaign funnel to ensure that conversion is taking place through the ad campaigns
  • Redesigning the conversion event tracking to ensure proper tracking of conversions across the duration of the campaigns 

Final Result 

Before  adopted Markopolo to manage its ad campaigns, most of the campaigns resulted in poor conversion rates and high CPC costs. However, through Markopolo’s efforts, the retailer was able to increase its ROAS by 522%, and decreasing its CPC costs by a staggering 50%. At the same time, Markopolo revitalized the dead campaign efforts with an astonishing 0 ROAS to a final ROAS of 5.22 times.

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