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Bandung, West Java


Retail Apparel and Fashion

About, Story and Solution

Noore supports Indonesian athletes in many kinds of sport such as Official Sport Hijab for Taekwondo, Pencak Silat, Skateboard, Handball and Sport Climbing. It has the interpretation of the latest capsule collections dedicated to those who are into modest sport urban fashion that provide much space of freedom and also expressions, and dare to be different.

Their Story

Saturated Market: Because there were so many competitors, several businesses are fighting for the attention of these eager shoppers. There was a lot of commotion at the market. The key problem was simply to conduct successful marketing and develop new sales techniques. Rivals also aimed to undercut one another by driving down prices. It wasn’t a good idea to be competing on price and attracting customers by being the cheapest alternative. Noore had to convince the customers that what they are paying for is worth it. Dependency on Instagram: A very effective marketing channel for activewear is through promotion on Instagram. Instagram's algorithm makes sure that published ads or contents are seen by the same individuals again and over, leaving it challenging for companies with a good following to receive visibility. Instagram hashtags are meant to be utilized for discovery, however they aren't easily accessible on the platform. It’s very easy to get lost in the noise of hundreds of other brands in the same industry.

What did:-

    🎯 Increase in reach by 184% 🚀

    🎯 Gaining +1519 new followers in 120 days 🚀

    🎯 73% increase in engagement 🚀

Keeping up with the minimal design flow of the brand, Markopolo helped Noore create perfect and eye-catching content for their social media channels. Here are the features that got them the competitive edge and desired reach over the course of just a few days: - Automatic creative copy generation - AI assisted content planning - Scheduling campaigns to be published at an optimum time - Detailed analysis and easily understandable reporting dashboard - Collaboration of multiple team members.

184% ⬆️
Audience Reach
➕1519 🚀
New Followers in 120 Days
73% ⬆️

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