How Markopolo identified Praava's need to interpret feedback and turn them into meaningful strategies to retain patients.



Dhaka, Bangladesh



About, Story and Solution

Stepping Stone towards being a Consumer Centric Brand: Praava Health

Praava is a “brick-and-click” healthcare platform that integrates digital health and in-clinic experiences convenient to where everyone lives, works, and clicks. The platform seamlessly combines technology with traditional health services — meaningful doctor-patient relationships (15-minute appointments) and quality diagnostics (lab and imaging) and medications — to improve patient experiences and outcomes. Praava’s digital products include Bangladesh’s first patient app, as well as telemedicine, e-pharmacy, and virtual primary care. Praava is also the first in the region to introduce value-based healthcare concepts, aligning patient values with its own incentives. Praava has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer (June 2021) and Fast Company as a World Changing Idea (May 2020).

Their Story

Praava took Markopolo’s Enterprise tier services, and got these Target Outputs Delivered to them -

Brand awareness

● Get an understanding of the overall awareness of their brand

● Get an understanding of how our audience found out about them and why they chose to use Praava (or why not, in case they are not patients)

● Get an understanding of the main associations of their brand from patients and non-patients


● Get an understanding of which provider Praava patients and non-patients choose and why

● Get an understanding of Net Promoter Score of Praava

● Get an understanding of the current brand sentiment, in particular as it relates to quality


Markopolo identified how Praava should interpret these insights and turn them into meaningful strategies to attain and retain patients, whether new or existing patients. We successfully provided recommendations for concrete strategic and tactical efforts to align their goals with their business operations in both short and long term.

Acquisition Channels
analysis to understand which channels are contributing to their goal conversions
Net Promoter Score
analysis to measure of their customer's overall loyalty
Brand Sentimental
analysis to get a better understanding of the Brand's Position

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