What Rubaba did with Markopolo ai is basically leveraging omni-channel marketing to create a consistent brand presence.



Dhaka, Bangladesh


Beauty and Makeup

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How Boss Lady Rubaba Musa Succeeded in Growing TWO Fashion Brands with

Rubaba Musa Couture and Ramisa Musa Makeup

Ms. Rubaba Musa is brilliantly managing two brands as the co-founder of Rubaba Musa Couture and Ramisa Musa Makeup. Starting a brand from scratch and growing takes a lot of effort. For a small business owner aiming high, Rubaba had a handful of work to take care of on a daily basis. Fashion brands need very swift marketing decisions, as the trend among the audience changes quickly. How and when a brand communicates with them becomes crucial for a strong brand presence.

Their Story

Marketing is not easy these days. There has to be stunning visuals, proper linguistic message, timely publishing and close monitoring. As someone who was managing two brands, the sheer amount of details she had to take into account was causing hours of work, inefficient monitoring and mismanagement of resources. Consequently, this resulted in poor performance in social media and low conversion despite having captivating product and service. 

With Markopolo, Rubaba got the chance to overlook both the brands from on platform. No more complicated content management system or endless calendar notifications where required. She could simply schedule all her posts while ensuring the best micro-targeting for her brands. The publishing time was also suggested by advanced AI, so, all her content was published when there was the most engagement of her target audience. Even after publishing, Markopolo automatically adjusted the budget to lower the cost of conversion. Not just these, she had the power to monitor and manually adjust her campaigns in all the channels within a few minutes! In just 30 days, Rubaba saw a 72% increase in engagement, 59% increase in conversion.

What did,

🎯 Increase in Acquisition ROAS 🚀

🎯 Increase in CTR 🚀

🎯 Increase in AOV 🚀

Their Solution

 What Rubaba did with Markopolo ai is basically leveraging omni-channel marketing to create a consistent brand presence. When the appropriate channels are utilized for the appropriate target group, potential customers can use the channel of their choice. Having both an offline and digital presence gives the business a relatable image and builds trust. Customers have a richer connection with the brand as a result of this experience, which increases consumer loyalty. We are well aware that retaining existing consumers is always easier and less expensive. A concurrent stream of new and returning customers led the two brands of Ms. Rubaba Musa to newer heights of success!

31% ⬆️
Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
15% ⬆️
Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
13% ⬆️
Average Order Value (AOV)

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