Markopolo helped Skitto recover, re-engage their audiences and find an actionable workflow to improve their brand status.



Dhaka, Bangladesh



About, Story and Solution

Skitto is an end to end digital product of Grameenphone that’s specially designed for the data hungry, digitally sound urban youth segment of the market. Skitto believes everything should be simple and that's why they want to change the way one interacts with a telco. With a new Skitto SIM and a super simple app, one can control all features with just a touch. Whether one makes a call, buy data packs or SMS, one doesn't have to get lost in the jungle of USSD codes and endless offers and value-added services. Skitto aims to provide a simplified, enormous and fully digital journey to its customers.

Their Story

In the telecom industry, it's important to understand the audience clearly and fast. The accuracy of the information can lead to important operational and marketing decisions. One of the most popular sim card brands in Bangladesh, skitto, was looking to comprehend their brand's positioning. The quickly changing audience scenario made a better understanding essential for them.


To intensify the situation, from April 25 to April 29, the agitated customers took matters to their hand by the "1 star campaign", where they inundated the reviews with 1 star. This resulted in a deplorable brand sentiment for skitto. The customers have been addressing multiple issues but the prime inconvenience was unclear.

After the 1-star campaign, skitto asked for crisis management insights. At that point, Markopolo’s Enterprise tier was used to monitor the consumer interaction data weekly. Markopolo analyzed three months' community and user interaction data of three separate user groups comprising one lac fifty-one thousand members, doing textual analysis to find true sentiment score, trending topics, net sentiment status and detailed audience profiling. Finally, we successfully detected the core factors hurting the sentiment score. It was found that there was a myth of misinformation that inundated people – ‘skitto sim use up more Megabytes’. It along with their existing network speed issue and sudden network shortage issue that week, ended up being the reason for this mob situation.


The analysis helped skitto recover, re-engage their audiences and find an actionable workflow to improve their brand status.

Sentimental Analysis
of 3 separate user groups comprising 1,50,000 members
Sentiment Score
hurting the core factors were detected
Recovered & Re-engaged their Audiences
and find an actionable workflow to improve their brand status

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