We analyzed the Net Sentiment and Net Promoter Score of Transcom Electronics and its close competitors.

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Electronics and Home Appliances

About the company

Transcom Electronics Limited started its journey in Bangladesh in 1993. Since then, this consumer focused brand has been on a very dedicated path to provide the best to their customers. However, the customer expectations change rapidly as the rate of innovation only increases. Even though the customers are still buying a lot of electronic products, the ability to detect and keep up with the change remains crucial.

Their Story

The truth is that while electronics may seem like a fairly static field, or a branding trump card, these are actually becoming more and more sophisticated. They come in different forms for different needs, and because of that, a brand like Transcom felt the need to learn how to market themselves in the future. They needed a deeper understanding of the then current market and actionable insights based on that.


The most important thing Markopolo had to consider here to provide an analysis that encompasses all the marketing issues, a 360-degree solution based on data analytics. With the help of social listening, we did a complete trend analysis to detect if there’s any particular feature or product that’s creating a buzz in the industry. To develop effective and efficient business processes, we examined the competitive scenario. Competitive intelligence is significant because it assists a brand in understanding its competitive environment, as well as the constraints and possibilities that it exists. We analyzed the Net Sentiment and Net Promoter Score of Transcom Electronics and its close competitors. This provided information about who are doing well in the same market and why that is happening. Results Our analysis played a pivotal role in the strategic business planning of this reputed brand. Markopolo is always prepped to give the best of artificial intelligence and powerful analytics to our clients. Be a part of the innovative flow, know and grow!

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