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efficient paid marketing
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We don’t put a limit on your marketing success. Create, publish, monitor and optimize cross-platform ad campaigns with the power of AI to boost your revenue ASAP!
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Markopolo AI 2.0 - Time to automate paid marketing for higher returns | Product Hunt


From customer reviews at Product Hunt

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A first-party data-based marketing tool powered by MarkTag that can recapture lost audience across platforms due to cookie loss,
ensuring a direct lift in Revenue.

Life Time Deal Tier 1 🔥 

For businesses who are new and just getting started

$299 $2820

Has every features that you need for your paid marketing
  • 2 brands (Workspaces)
  • 2 users
  • 5 accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, Linkedin)
  • Ad Rule Automation -  Only the Preset Rules, No New Rules Creation
  • Auto Optimization for only the Campaigns Created at Markopolo
  • No limit on Caption/Image Creation

Life Time Deal Tier 2 🔥 🔥 

For those who need to keep up the growth with paid marketing

$599 $9120

Has every features and more that you need at this stage
  • 6 brands (Workspaces)
  • 6 users
  • 25 accounts  (Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, Linkedin)
  • App Integrations (Shopify)
  • Mark Tag (10,000 Event Tracking/Per Month)
  • Facebook Lead Ad, Google Shopping Ad, Google Performance Max
  • Ad Rule Automation -  New Rules Creation option
  • Auto Optimization for Campaigns previously created at Ad Manager

Track & Personalize Marketing for Consumers
across devices and platforms

Create & Manage ads across Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, & TikTok - all from a single automation dashboard. Run & optimize omnichannel campaigns.
Best-in-class features
Created by a team of design enthusiasts
Loved by over 35,000 customers
All-in-one Pixel to capture lost signals that is is not blocked by Apple devices or by browsers like Brave. Capture every event, & get back every lost audience from all channels.
Best-in-class features
Created by a team of design enthusiasts
Loved by over 35,000 customers
Automated hourly optimization rules can be adjusted every 72 hours or any time in between. Markopolo’s rule engine takes signals from your advertising and “learns” how to better your campaigns enabling an “auto-optimization” feature that is one of a kind in AI.
Best-in-class features
Created by a team of design enthusiasts
Loved by over 35,000 customers
The Markopolo dashboard organizes raw data across all marketing channels. Customize your dashboard for real-time campaign reporting. Set monthly goals for each measure and inform Markopolo your benchmark. Track sales goals and details.

Get the greatest attribution technology with our all-in-one pixel Mark Tag.
Best-in-class features
Created by a team of design enthusiasts
Loved by over 35,000 customers
Case study
Loppoticha increased their ROAS by 227% form Meta Ads after taking Markopolo enterprise solution…


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Rubaba Musa

What Rubaba did with Markopolo ai is basically leveraging omni-channel marketing to create a consistent brand presence.


Markopolo helped Colorbox increase Return on ad spend and decrease the cost per purchase.


Markopolo helped Skitto recover, re-engage their audiences and find an actionable workflow to improve their brand status.

We were featured in AppSumo 🌮 

We crossed USD 250,000 in sales in three months with customers from 57 countries at AppSumo, an astounding response from
an amazing Life Time Deal Community!

Get Higher Returns

Get higher RETURNS from the same ads that you’re now running in your ad managers. Markopolo customers have achieved up to 7.2 times return on their ad spends in this year alone.  In fact, through Markopolo, you can too. Let Markopolo optimize your ad activities and see the change yourself.
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Markopolo ensuring Higher Returns, 47.9 ROAS for a client
Markopolo gives the user options to choose from Preset Audiences for Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube.

Re-Target Your Audience

Retarget your audience in just 2 clicks through MarkTag integration and conversion API's with 30% better data accuracy see a growth in returning customer base by
up to 70%
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Sell Your Products

Through Markopolo, our clients have achieved at least a 41% increase in conversion and a 34% decrease in CPC for their ad campaigns. Subscribe to Markopolo's Business Tier and achieve the maximum potential for your ad campaigns.
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See all the metrics that matters from Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube ads. You can create custom metrics too
Get all the metrics at one place. Its a combined dashboard for all the ad platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram and YouTube ads.

Don’t Miss Out on Critical Data

Through Markopolo's simplified and conclusive dashboard, you can easily get a strategic perspective of your ad campaigns across all your platforms, in just less than 2 clicks.
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