Benefits of Using Duet on TikTok in 2023

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Rafia Tabassum Sara
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On TikTok, a tool called Duet enables users to produce content using a different creator's video. In contrast to Stitch, where the two clips are "stitched" together and played one after the other, the two videos appear side by side on a split-screen and play simultaneously.

Users can easily work with other content makers or attempt a viral challenge thanks to this functionality. As a result, it encourages user participation and prepares the ground for viral content.


Boosting Engagement

The Duet feature helps you engage your audience by letting you build on content that has already been shown to increase interaction.

Improving visibility

Because of the way the TikTok algorithm works, making material about a trending video increases the likelihood that your film will appear on the pages of individuals who are interested in it. As a result, it might greatly increase your platform visibility.

Diversifying your content

TikTok Duets are a wealth of content inspiration. They enable you to produce new and interesting material based on already-existing videos made by other artists, ensuring that the variety of your TikTok content is maintained.

Connecting with audience

A Duet is a fantastic method to remain current and demonstrate to your audience that you are "with the times." Since TikTok users frequently follow the platform's newest trends, making a Duet around one of these trends can help you engage your audience.

How to Create Duets:

  1. Click the arrow button located in the right-hand panel of the video you want to Duet with.
  1. Choose "Duet" from the menu. Two circles appear to be overlapping here. Keep in mind that in order to achieve this, the creator must have the Duet option set. The button will be grayed out if it is not enabled.
  1. You'll have the choice to begin recording on the following screen. Choose a recording option from the right-hand panel before you start. You can rotate your camera, alter the speed, add filters or makeup, set a timer, alter the layout, activate your microphone, or activate your flash.
  1. Tap the red button in the center to start your recording if everything is ready.
  1. After that, you can add desired effects, text, and stickers to further edit your video. This is where you may give the video some context or make it appear even more fascinating. Next, click "Next."
  1. You may now edit the settings and add more information to your post. Add a caption that is pertinent to the video first. The "#duet" hashtag and creator credit are automatically added by TikTok. But you can also include additional well-known hashtags associated with the article.
  1. You can modify who is allowed to view the video on this screen as well. You can also modify the policies governing comments, duets, stitching, and device saving. After everything is prepared, click "Publish" to share your duet.

How to Add Sound

Your Duet video's audio will by default be taken from the original recording, and your microphone will be muted. You can, however, choose to alter this. Make sure your microphone is turned on the right-hand panel before you start recording your audio. You can then add your own audio or music to the finished video using this method.

Tap the volume button on the right-hand panel of the screen when your recording is complete. From this point, you can change both the original and the added sound's volume levels. If you want the sound from the original video muted, turn it all the way down.

In order to add a voiceover, you can also press the voiceover button on the right-hand panel. Using the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, adjust the voiceover's timing before starting to record. You can also try AI dubbing tools if the goal is to increase the range of your target audience even more.

Final Thoughts

TikTok Duets are a great way to engage with your audience and create interactive content. We hope this article was useful for you to make more and more amazing TikTok for your business. Happy Marketing!

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