Markopolo vs. Adriel: Which Is The Right Fit For You?

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Shaikh Nahian
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Digital marketing is all about gaining customer data, then organizing and analyzing that data to form insights about customer behavior. With advancements in data science and artificial intelligence today, you can automate much of this work.

Marketers can now use MarTech solutions to analyze data and segment customers, target and retarget, manage campaigns and budgets, and even automate ad copies and creatives creation.

Adriel and Markopolo are two MarTech solutions that automate clients' advertising operations. This saves a lot of time and effort and frees marketers up for projects that require critical attention. 

It also improves the overall success of the client's marketing efforts.

Rather than hiring a digital marketing agency or becoming an expert on digital marketing, you can just sit back and hand over the reins to platforms like Adriel or Markopolo and automate your marketing operation.

Adriel and Markopolo are among the best marketing automation solutions out there. 

However, to understand which is best for your specific needs, you need a comprehensive comparison of the two. And in this article, we plan to give you just that.

Marketing Automation with Adriel: Take Your Retargeting Efforts to New Heights

Adriel Homepage

Adriel is a platform that connects all your paid marketing channel data into one dashboard with tools to monitor, manage, and optimize performance.

They provide real-time insights and suggestions through an alert system. Adriel claims to provide data in a format that is easy to understand and helps your business reach its full advertising potential.

Markopolo: The Ultimate Marketing Automation Solution is an AI-powered, intelligent marketing automation service. Markopolo can create end-to-end marketing campaigns and provide AI-generated copies and creatives that boost conversions for your ads. 

Besides that, this platform offers curated and strategized marketing blueprints based on actionable insights. 

They have created a proper holistic solution for all your marketing needs using their own AI, Mark.

Markopolo vs. Adriel: Who Has the Best Features to Offer?

Now let's move on to the features they provide. Both come with a wide range of features and share a lot of similarities. However, there are differences as their focus is not entirely the same. It's essential to go over what features each provides before finally deciding on one.

Features: Adriel

You may effortlessly construct campaigns for several brands with the aid of the pre-built automation rules. 

To provide you with a greater knowledge of performance, you are given access to a wealth of information via customizable indicators assessed across timeframes.

Other features that Revealbot offers are listed below:

  • Automatically running ads on multiple channels (Done: Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads; Coming-soon: Twitter, Linkedin, Amazon, Reddit, Yahoo Japan, etc.)
  • Designing campaign strategies, including targeting audience profiles, channel selection, budget management, etc.
  • Auto optimization of campaign settings based on machine learning as we get more data while running the campaign
  • It lets you understand clients' marketing needs through a dynamic survey on a chatbot-like interface.
  • Generate ad creatives and suggest keywords for ads.
Features: Markopolo

There are different types of features that Markopolo offers, and it’s separated into four separate plans:

  • Professional
  • Team
  • Business
  • Enterprise

More on these later. For now, here are some of the most remarkable features that Markopolo provides:

  • Multiple brand management
  • Audience and Campaign Creation
  • Ad Maker
  • Campaign Creation and Analytics
  • Content scheduling calendar
  • Integrates Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.
  • Advanced tracking conversion
  • Complete omnichannel platform
  • Data-driven personalization
  • 24/7/365 optimization
  • Extensive asset library

Markopolo vs. Adriel: The Better Financial Option

How much each option costs plays a crucial role in your decision-making process. So let us take a look at the pricing offered by Adriel and Markopolo.

Pricing: Markopolo

Markopolo offers very reasonable pricing for its diverse set of plans. As the prices increase, so does the number of features. And with the enterprise plan, you can customize your needs and charge accordingly.

  • Professional: $23/month ($19/month if taken yearly)
  • Team: $99/month ($83/month if taken yearly)
  • Business: 1599/month ($166/month if taken yearly)
  • Enterprise: Customized through meeting
Pricing: Adriel

Adriel comes with three pricing plans:

  • Basic
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

If your monthly ad spend is less than USD 5,000, you get the basic version free of charge. And if you spend up to $100,000 on ads, you should get the professional plan that charges you $199/month. 

Lastly, if your ad spend exceeds $100,000 monthly, you get the Enterprise plan with custom pricing.

The Verdict

We can see that despite having similarities, there are varying features and focus areas for these two. As Adriel is mainly geared toward small businesses, they lack features that Markopolo offers, like contextual targeting, quick launch, multi-brand-management, etc. 

Brand Safety and protecting clients from fraud is another area where Markopolo claims to excel.

Adriel seems more of a growth and customer acquisition platform, whereas Markopolo is like a jack of all trades. 

Furthermore, if your business has an Ad spend of less than $5,000 and doesn’t need extensive features, you should use Adriel, as you get to use it for free. This should make it a more accessible entry if you have a small business or a lean startup.

However, If you need expansive features from marketing automation software, Markopolo is the way to go, as it can be a one-stop solution that takes care of all your brands in all the channels.

Markopolo and Adriel provide a wide range of services over different price ranges. They share some similarities while retaining their specialties. Saying one is better than the other would be unwise, as it is subjective for the client.

Needs specific to your particular business will dictate which one's the right fit for you. Hopefully, this article helps in making your decision by providing much-needed contrast.

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