Markopolo vs. Revealbot: Which is the Ideal One for You?

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Zakia Sameen Noor
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Revealbot has been around for a while and is still loved by many, as seen on multiple review websites. However, despite being so new, Markopolo is getting there and has already made waves in the international stage.

So, let’s figure out: who wins?

Marketing Automation with Revealbot: More than Just Automation

Revealbot is a social media advertising management tool. It automates, optimizes, and manages all your advertising campaigns 24/7. 

This automation aims to ensure you achieve your goals faster and customize your campaigns on the go, powered by their unique machine learning algorithms.

One of its primary focuses is Facebook ad automation. Revealbot can automate ads twice as fast as Facebook within 15 minutes. 

If your main business is Facebook-based, trust that using Revealbot will help save you loads of time and money to help you achieve your goals and beyond.

Here’s a case study about how Revealbot helped one brand to scale up more than she imagined. You will understand why famous brands like GameStop and Mindvalley are amongst the 15000+ big fans of Revealbot.

Marketing Automation with Markopolo: The Ideal Marketing Automation Solution

Markopolo is an AI-powered marketing software that simplifies all marketing activities for businesses. It eliminates the need to rely on external digital marketing agencies.

Although still in its infancy, starting just two years ago during the pandemic, Markopolo has already carved out a growing niche in the market, serving over a thousand entrepreneurs. 

No wonder it was the #4 Product of the Day launched on Product Hunt. Currently, it occupies position 24. Read the success stories of how Markopolo has increased brand awareness and fulfilled sales KPIs here.

Markopolo vs. Revealbot: Who Has the Best Features to Offer?

Each has a numerous set of functions to offer. Both of them have some similar offerings. However, each has its unique features that make them stand apart.

Let's look at the features they provide.

Features: Revealbot

The pre-built automation rules help you create campaigns easily for multiple brands. You are provided with rich data of reports via metrics measured over timeframes which are customizable if you choose the metrics and the time limit to have a clearer understanding of performance.

Other features that Revealbot offers are listed below:

  • Integrates Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok
  • Powerful automation tools like automation logs (help you understand why some items are affected by automation and some are not), scheduling, and nested conditions (which allow you simplify complex automation rules)
  • Fun to play around with the myriad of automation tools
  • Receive notifications on Slack/ email instantly the moment your campaign performance takes a downturn
  • Strong Bulk Creation Tool
  • Team of experts to help you whenever
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Commands can have more precision
  • You can customize anything as per your needs
  • Automatic promotion of posts
Features: Markopolo

The best part about Markopolo is that you only need to type the data into Markopolo, and its AI will automatically generate the best captions and marketing campaigns for you. 

It will also evaluate your strategy performance and tell you where you need to improve and how. It has three billion+ worth of audience analysis and 20+ AI models to serve you with the most credible evaluation and advice.

Here are the remarkable features that you can use with Markopolo:

  • Integration with Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising
  • Able to manage multiple brands
  • Core Features: Audience Creation, Ad Maker, and Campaign Creation Tools
  • Analytics
  • Content calendar for scheduling
  • Advanced tracking conversion
  • Comprehensive omnichannel platform
  • Data-driven personalization unique to every business
  • 24/7 optimization

Markopolo vs. Revealbot: The Better Financial Option

We have already looked into the features of both Markopolo and Revealbot. Let’s now check where their pricings stand to get a clearer picture.

Pricing: Markopolo

Markopolo offers very reasonable pricing for its diverse set of plans. Depending on the type of business structure, you can choose any of Markpolo’s plans below.

  • Professional: $23/month ($19/month if taken yearly)
  • Team: $99/month ($83/month if taken yearly)
  • Business: $199/month ($166/month if taken yearly)
  • Enterprise: Customized through meeting
Pricing: Revealbot

Pricing depends on your ad budget. The minimum is $83 (minimum ad spending being (USD 10k) if you pay annually. However, if there’s no contract, the price will start at $99.

The more you decide to spend on ads, the more fees will be charged by Revealbot. If you choose to spend $2 million on ads, fees will be $2099 monthly.

The Verdict

Ultimately, this is down to your choices and goals to choose the right tool for you. Markopolo and Revealbot are both powerhouse tools.

Markopolo can be used by anyone and can be used for every marketing operation, whereas Revealbot is best suited for experienced marketers.

Suppose your primary focus is on automating your ads on multiple platforms for multiple brands. In that case, you can give Revealbot a go even though Markopolo and Revealbot are up to the task.

We hope this article helps you make the right decision for your business.

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