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Maisha Islam
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With a user-friendly software like Shopify, creating an online store for your company is simpler than ever. This Canadian business claimed its clients recently gave the world economy a $307 billion boost.

If your business is one of the numerous shops that helped Shopify succeed and you want to achieve more, utilize these marketing ideas to advertise your company online. 

Are you a new Shopify user? Are you yet to get a hack on how to boost sales? Using these simple digital marketing tips, you can significantly improve your chances of success and brand development.

What is Shopify Marketing?

Shopify marketing is a tactic for promoting a Shopify store's offerings using online advertising and marketing channels like email. A successful Shopify marketing plan raises sales, enhances customer loyalty, promotes client retention, and creates brand exposure. 

Digital marketing and promotional techniques are used in Shopify marketing to attract visitors to your website and turn them into paying customers. These techniques may be used as a part of an all-encompassing marketing strategy to increase brand recognition, entice visitors to your website, and close sales once they're there. 

19 Best Shopify Marketing Strategies

Create your social media sites and link them to your website now that your online store is ready. Make it simple for consumers to click on your postings and purchase the items they want. Once satisfied with your website and social media pages, begin advertising your e-commerce site using the following channels. What are you waiting for? Let us dive right into it. 

1. Promote Your Brand With Email Marketing Campaigns

Email campaigns are one of the easiest ways to fast-track online sales. They are super easy to set up, help visitors return to your store as you share the best offers, and aid in recovering Shopify abandoned shopping carts automatically.

When done correctly, Shopify email marketing may earn the best results by increasing sales and boosting conversions. A few hacks to get started include:

  • Greet new customers with a welcome email, requesting them to subscribe to future emails.
  • Popularize your business by introducing limited-time offers and sharing exclusive discount codes with your subscribers. 
  • Send reminder emails so customers can pick up their abandoned carts or make a purchase from their wish list. 
  • Sending order-related emails, including e-receipts, transaction summaries, and feedback forms, go a long way in creating a positive brand image.

2. Send Push Notifications with Promotions

Sending push notifications is as simple as it sounds! Because these are delivered straight to clients' browsers, this Shopify marketing method can increase purchases. A few notifications that can instantly lead to results include

  • Discount codes
  • Sale Alerts 
  • Stock availability

3. Create a Referral Program

The referral program is another brilliant Shopify marketing strategy to promote your online shop. This drives word-of-mouth conversions and is a convenient way of boosting popularity.

The referral could either be a discount mechanism or something like accumulating points and receiving a reward in return. Referrals often make customers feel valued and appreciated, so ensure you have your A-game on.

4. Start a Customer Loyalty Program

Provide your customers incentives for their continuous support and make them feel important. Regarded as a gesture of appreciation, it might seem like a small step but goes a long way in building profitable customer relationships. These little rewards can aid in closing the initial sale and retaining clients by encouraging them to continue shopping.

5. Add Customer Reviews to Product Pages

Customer reviews verify that purchasing a product is the right choice. Especially when added to product pages, they are a significant trust signal that promotes a positive first impression and encourages purchases.

Without spending money on advertising, customer reviews on your store may help amplify Shopify marketing. 

6. Add an Instagram Feed to Your Shopify Store

The top Instagram posts from users are automatically compiled into an Instagram feed using hashtags. No coding is required; you can quickly add one to your business to display pleased consumers.

Building social proof for your company with an Instagram feed might help you show off your satisfied clients, and this is just like the reviews, just more pleasing to the sight. After all, who does not like an aesthetic display? 

7. Run Advertising Campaigns on Google and Social Media

As their initial Shopify marketing strategy, many store owners choose advertising campaigns. You can advertise on Google or Facebook and easily generate multiple Shopify sales daily. 

Wondering where to start? Worry no more, as you can easily manage your brand's online presence using Markopolo. It not only keeps track of your current ad campaigns but also suggests the perfect marketing recipe using its AI tool.

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your marketing game by signing up right now!

8. Set Up an Affiliate Marketing Campaign

When third parties, affiliates, advertise your Shopify store and items while earning a commission, you engage in affiliate marketing.

Bloggers, influencers, and even famous people who have a following and may promote your Shopify business are considered affiliates.

Companies widely apply this marketing practice and yearn for exceptionally positive responses. It is like investing in a larger community, even beyond your wildest imagination. 

9. Promote Products in Blog Articles

This is probably the safest Shopify marketing strategy as the quality content improves your online store's SEO and increases your ranking on Google.

If your online business is expanding fast, you might want to concentrate your Shopify marketing efforts on emails and advertisements since they produce income more quickly.

But blogging might be a terrific way to promote new Shopify companies if you want organic traffic. 

10. Create Engaging Social Media Posts

With the world digitalizing rapidly, it would be wise to maintain a prominent social media presence with witty ads and engaging posts.

Social media is a simple way to reach thousands of clients across many platforms. It broadens a Shopify marketing plan as you can choose from influencer marketing, ads, post promotions, or brand updates.

Statistics suggest that more than 57% of buyers follow businesses on social media to learn more about items. Now that speaks volumes about the importance of investing behind a virtual persona, right?

11. Create Abandoned Cart Recovery Campaigns

These campaigns encourage customers to return to their online shopping cart and finish the checkout process.

Some ways to make these campaigns count include identifying your target audience, sending a consistent message across all channels, and personalizing the pages to invite customer attention.

Abandoned carts can be regarded as one of the primary reasons why online businesses fail, and these small messages could act as the perfect push factor for reaping more profits. 

12. Be Active on Pinterest

While other firms concentrate on capturing the large consumer base on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, steering your attention to a relatively huge and unexplored market makes wise financial sense.

With the help of Pinterest marketing, you can reach a broad audience, specifically women, who are not going through many different companies.

Further, some Shopify themes automatically include them to boost the shareability of your product pages. 

13. Run a Social Media Giveaway

Social media giveaways are one of the most powerful techniques for online businesses to gain quick popularity.

They are a great way to spread the word about your business, raise brand and product recognition, and get new customers into your store.

Everyone who participates in your offer automatically develops an interest in your products, making them easily accessible marketing targets. 

14. Get Involved in Community Marketing

Community marketing is distinct and, in fact, easier than social media marketing. Here, you join an existing online community rather than building a separate community surrounding your business.

There are a large number of online groups catering to specific products. It takes away the efforts put into growing and maintaining a community and provides quick access to a large number of potential customers.

15. Collaborate with Other Brands

As a brand, you could collaborate with other Shopify stores and utilize their marketing channels for a greater common purpose. These strategic alliances go a long way in reaching a larger audience and increasing sales.

Before reaching out, ensure that the company serves your target market and complements your products. Examples of successful collaboration would include either a promotional offer or giveaway.

16. Use Video to Promote Your Products

One of the most effective methods to present and advertise your items is through video. It is currently the most popular social media content and is consumed on various platforms, including but not limited to TikTok, Instagram Stories, and Reels.

Videos are quick and simple to create; the more videos you make, the better you will get at them.

17. Sell Your Products On Social Media

Shopify shops are not required to confine their sales to their website. One of Shopify's most prominent features is the ability to link your store with numerous social media sites and sell your items straight from the platforms.

This social commerce dramatically simplifies the customer experience by allowing users to find and purchase things without leaving the social media app. 

18. Consider Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is currently one of the most popular concepts as it boasts one of the highest return-on-investments. Influencers are one of the finest methods for an online store to begin reaching out to a larger audience.

Customers trust influencers more than businesses, and influencers have far more clout in influencing their followers to buy!

Ensure that the influencer you want to collaborate with has the same target audience as your brand. 

19. Automate Your Shopify Marketing Strategies

One of the most valuable aspects of acing your marketing game is automating all your strategies and tracking progress in real-time. allows you to do just that, with a few simple steps to get started.

It controls your online presence, ensures that your customers do not miss out on any vital post, and keeps you notified from time to time.

It has simplified the entire process and made small business owners present their best foot forward!

Shopify Marketing Channels

What are the greatest Shopify marketing channels to focus on? This greatly depends on your target market and product. However, for most Shopify shops, a few marketing channels consistently deliver the highest returns. It includes

  1. Email marketing 
  2. Social media 
  3. SMS advertising 
  4. Your Shopify website 

Aim to improve these crucial ones instead of covering too many of them to ensure you obtain the most engagement and conversions from your Shopify marketing channels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Shopify for marketing?

Yes. Shopify provides various marketing opportunities and comes with a specialized Marketing Page where you can track and manage your marketing campaigns.

How do I promote my Shopify store?
  1. Promote Your Brand With Email Marketing Campaigns
  2. Send Push Notifications with Promotions
  3. Create a Referral Program
  4. Start a Customer Loyalty Program
  5. Add Customer Reviews to Product Pages
  6. Add an Instagram Feed to Your Shopify Store
  7. Run Advertising Campaigns on Google and Social Media
  8. Set Up an Affiliate Marketing Campaign
  9. Promote Products in Blog Articles
  10. Create Engaging Social Media Posts
  11. Create Abandoned Cart Recovery Campaigns
  12. Be Active on Pinterest
  13. Run a Social Media Giveaway
  14. Get Involved in Community Marketing
  15. Collaborate with Other Brands
  16. Use Video to Promote Your Products
  17. Sell Your Products On Social Media
  18. Consider Influencer Marketing
  19. Automate Your Shopify Marketing Strategies

How much does marketing cost on Shopify?

This depends on your campaign and the money you're willing to spend. 

How much does it cost to have a Shopify store?

Choose from three different Shopify price tiers. You may choose from Basic Shopify ($29/month), Shopify ($79/month), and Advanced Shopify ($299/month).

How often does Shopify payout?

You receive complete payment for your order, minus the cost associated with utilizing Shop Pay Installments, within one to three business days after capturing the payment for an order.

Final Thoughts on Shopify Marketing

Whether you are a tenacious startup or an established company, having a proper marketing plan directly influences your success. According to research, successful marketers were 414% more likely to declare victory when their approach was recorded. Using the tested and proven strategies mentioned above, you can quickly boost your sales and earn greater revenue from the comfort of your home!

Curious about what community marketing is and how it can help you grow? Take a look at this post.

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