The Beginner’s Guide to TikTok Marketing

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Senin Chowdhury
6 mins read

Even if you aren't on TikTok, you’ve heard of it. The short video sharing platform has been making headlines in the business world with over 2 billion global downloads and 800 million monthly active users. The app’s popularity has encouraged businesses and brands to start sharing their own content on the platform. While some are excelling at it, most still seem to be confused.

TikTok is different from mainstream social media. The platform’s 15-60 second long video format challenges creators to take a different approach from conventional social media advertising. So, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide for you to master the art of marketing on TikTok.

Don’t Think Too Much

Most people have the idea that TikTok is only for Gen Z or a young audience. While part of it is true, TikTok is a diverse platform with different types of people. Most TikTokers are young, but it isn’t that hard to find a different demographic among its 2 billion users. It’s currently the fastest-growing social media platform in the world and an advertising haven for businesses.

If you’re worried that your brand won’t do well on TikTok because you cater to an older demographic, the best thing you can do is at least try it out. It’s free to download and might lead to free marketing. Don’t let assumptions hold you back from emerging on newer social platforms and broaden your reach.

Understanding TikTok

TikTok is fun and spontaneous. One of the reasons for the app’s popularity is the 15-60 second video format. It’s a good source of micro entertainment that doesn’t require the user to concentrate. The short video style is a fresh change from Instagram and Facebook’s static imagery.

The only thing you need to remember is that TikTok isn’t a serious platform. You have to be willing to make light-hearted content that is enjoyable. Besides this general rule of thumb, you can post whatever style of videos you prefer or the one that fits your brand best.

Video Style

You want to choose a style for your videos to maintain consistency and a theme. Some things you should consider are:

  • Brand aesthetic
  • Current Campaign
  • Target Audience’s Preference
  • Age Group

Depending on these criteria, you can decide on a style. You could opt for visually pleasing shorts that rely on imagery, short tutorials featuring your product, or meme-able content relatable to your demographic. Adding proper texts and the right filters is a way to ramp up quality. You could have a mix of styles that you like or explore other niches; there aren’t many rules.

To determine your audience’s preference, check what type of content does well on your other social pages to create a guideline. Whatever style you choose, focus on quality. Bad quality is equal to negative brand image. You don’t need a production house and fancy equipment; a decent camera phone is all that is required.

Target the “For You” Page

Users’ feed on TikTok is divided into two segments; the people they follow and their “For You” page, aka FYP. The For You Page features specifically curated posts based on their watch and like history and recommends videos they might like. Being featured on the “For You” page as a brand lets you get more likes and followers to interact with your content.

Landing on the For You Page of your target audience with good quality videos increases your chances of getting engagement and followers. Keep reading to know more about how to make it to TikTok’s FYP. Hashtags are Game Changers

TikTok’s newness makes it the best platform to utilize hashtags. Unlike Twitter or Instagram, hashtags on TikTok aren’t cluttered with posts back from 2010. Your chances of climbing the ranks in your niche are high if you can figure out the right hashtags.

Moreover, TikTok’s Discover Page is completely based on relevant and trending hashtags. Captions on the app are limited to 100 words, so you are under a limit. It’s best to do your research before to get the best results. If you’re confused about which hashtags to choose from, check out Influencer Marketing Hub’s TikTok Hashtag Generator. You could even create your brand hashtag to make your content easy to find.

TikTok Challenges

TikTok is infamous for making social media challenges popular again. If you check the Discover Page, you’ll notice a lot of the trending hashtags are challenges. Taking part in challenges is a fun way to interact with your audience and generate engagement. It’s also one of the easier ways to land on the For You Page.

Taking part in fun challenge’s makes your company seem hip and cool. These informal approaches to branding resonate pretty well with TikTok’s user base. Try going a step further and create a challenge yourself. Challenges generate a lot of UGC and will increase the volume of your brand hashtag in the app.

Build a Loyal Fan Base

Featuring videos of people using or mentioning your product or brand can generate organic engagement. It also helps build a relationship with your audience. Making your audience feel important and cared for is vital in CRM. If people who support you feel disposable, they have little reason to hype you up. Having a good brand perception can lead to a loyal customer base and generate constant engagement on your page.

Another way to build closer ties with your customer base is by giving access to BTS (no, not the K-pop band). Instead of only putting out advertised content, post snippets from Behind the Scenes. Many businesses give their following a glimpse of what goes behind closed doors, such as the packing process, bloopers from shoots, etc. Taking a break from the formal persona and letting them see the “real” aspects makes your brand more relatable and trustworthy.

Influencer Collaborations

Like every other social platform, TikTok has a wide range of Influencers. Influencer Marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the Digital Marketing world, and many brands swear by it. Collaborating with Influencers is a quick way to increase brand awareness.

Choosing an Influencer to work with can be an investment, especially if you’re a new business. Check out our blog on How to Choose the Right Influencer for your Brand to make the right choice!

If you aren’t ready to directly collaborate with Influencers yet, sending out PR can increase brand recognition and get your name out there.


TikTok is an undiscovered gold-mine for advertising. The app’s novelty, popularity, and diversity make it the perfect platform for brands to market their products. It also allows business owners to be more experimental and creative with their content. So, if you’re considering taking your brand on TikTok, this is the best time.

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