The Best Shopify Podcasts in 2022

Hridita Islam
3 mins

​​Are you an aspiring entrepreneur, or a small business owner with big dreams? Do you want to learn more about business subjects like marketing or e-commerce but don’t have the time for formal courses? If your answer is yes, and you aren’t yet very familiar with podcasts or don’t know which ones you should listen to, allow me to introduce you to some wonderful mediums of learning.

Here’s the list of some of the best podcasts to listen to if you are a Shopify Enthusiast

  1. Duct Tape Marketing

This a podcast for the marketing enthusiasts out there who want to take their businesses forward with top-notch marketing.  This podcast provides lessons, strategies, and resources for small business owners to build a strong marketing base. They provide workshops and consultancy for marketing. You can jump right in and learn all about the trendy marketing techniques from this podcast in Apple podcast. This one is hosted by John Jantsch.

  1. The $100 MBA Show

This podcast is for aspiring business experts who are eager to learn the processes. It talks about common patterns and techniques of business that can increase success potential. Omar Zenhom, the host, is always positive and optimistic, and he brings out essential and intriguing knowledge that business owners can utilize to strengthen their marketing flywheels or enhance operational efficiency. This podcast also offers important problem-solving segments. On top of that, you can also submit your question which might be discussed in future episodes. You can pull up your android and listen to this podcast on Google Podcasts.

  1. Shopify Masters

Hosted by Felix Thea, this is an official Shopify podcast on e-commerce. You can listen to successful Shopify store owners talk about their journey and what valuable things they learned along the way. If you want to establish your business on Shopify then this platform is for you. The episodes are arranged in case study format to talk in-depth about tools and strategies. You can learn about important topics like SEO, social media marketing, outsourcing, etc from this podcast. This Shopify podcast is available on iTunes.

  1. Mixergy 

A podcast for entrepreneurs looking for inspiration. It is set in an interview format where business owners share their journeys. Founders from various fields are featured to show that there are no linear ways to succeed. The host Andrew Warner is renowned for drilling out strategic and useful information from the guests.

  1. The Goal Digger Podcast

This is a unique podcast for female entrepreneurs out there. This podcast works in a live workshop style and provides you with step-by-step strategies for a thriving business. This podcast also talks about how to strike balance between work and family, how to not just be successful but also happy.

Host Jenna Kutcher gives you the impression that she is your best friend supporting you in work and in life, unlike typical business talks. 

  1. Unthinkable

This podcast brings you stories from rebellious business owners who didn’t take the conventional path. If you want to follow your intuition and take up a risky venture in your business, this might be where you find your motivation. This podcast dives into why things work in certain ways instead of telling you to follow some set ways, so you can develop your own unique strategies. 

Final Thoughts

These podcasts were chosen to cover almost all the aspects of running a successful business. Subscribe to them today to not miss out on important tips and tricks that can work wonders for your business. Turn your leisure time into something productive and beneficial for your business! 

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